Loki: Disney Releases New Merch Ahead of Season 2

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Five new pieces of Loki merchandise, celebrating the god of mischief with sharp new clothing items, were unveiled to the public.

Loki's second season is getting closer, though no official release date has been announced yet.

But, with the exciting post-credit scene in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and some footage already out, MCU fans are itching to see more Loki, Mobius and the TVA on Disney+ soon.

Despite this lack of news, Disney has released brand new Loki merchandise on its ShopDisney website, potentially to continue to hype up the show's upcoming Season 2.

New Loki Merch Revealed

ShopDisney released five new pieces of Loki-inspired merchandise on its online store, each tagged with "choice Loki-isms," along with the mischievous designs.

While the merchandise is not MCU-branded, the merch is listed as being "Inspired by Marvel's Loki on Disney+," or other words to that extent.

All of the new pieces of merchandise have a psychedelic vibe to them, with purple being used most often.

A Master of Mischief T-shirt with comics Loki in the text

The adult T-shirt features the text "Master of Mischief," and is adorned with a tag featuring a "Loki-ism," a slightly different phrase (or in some designs' cases, phrases) on each new piece of merch.

The T-shirt's tag, according to ShopDisney, reads: "You were meant to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel. Trust my rage."

A close-up of the Master of Mischief T-shirt with comics Loki in the text, zoomed in to primarily show the words.

In the text on the shirt, Loki himself can be seen inside the big block text of the first word. His big horns even stretch all the out to the beginning "M" of the word.

Black shorts with Loki designs.

The new Loki-inspired shorts feature the "Master of Mischief" text along with the helmet, and a similar "Loki-ism" to the T-shirt, "You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel."

A purple Loki sweatshirt

Along with the version of the "Loki-ism" tag including the final "Trust my rage" line, this purple hoodie features the same tag as the T-shirt and the words "Glorious Purpose."

The three Loki helmets add a touch of flare, as does the big, blocky "LOKI" on the chest.

A gray Loki T-shirt that says

Going off of the "Glorious Purpose" imagery, the helmet and horns return with the "Loki-ism" in this T-shirt, alongside the full-text tag on the bottom right.

Loki hat

While the baseball cap does not feature the same tag and text as most of the others, its "Master of Mischief" tag has a curved font that almost follows the shape of Loki's horns.

Could Loki's Second Season Be More Colorful?

While not indicated as being connected to Loki's second season specifically, the merchandise does say it is inspired by the Disney+ series.

The first season of the show was not the most colorful aesthetically, per se, sticking to the greens of Loki, and the grays and oranges of the TVA.

As such, it is possible that this purple-focused, psychedelic color scheme could crop up in Season 2, showing what inspired these new designs.

Perhaps Loki will be venturing out of the TVA, and into more exciting and colorful landscapes. The Multiverse is vast, and Loki has a great set-up to be a medium for fans to explore it through in the MCU.

Loki's second season does not have a release date yet, but when it drops it will be on Disney+. The first season is streaming on Disney+ now.

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