MCU: New Report Reveals 1 Moon Knight Character Expected to Return

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Following Moon Knight's first season on Disney+, a new report teased that one character is in for a return to the MCU before too long.

Even considering the success Moon Knight saw during its debut in March 2022, its future still remains uncertain as a second season has yet to be confirmed.

Reports have noted that star Oscar Isaac only signed on to play Marc Spector/Steven Grant for one season although he's noted that he "[loves] playing him" and hopes to get the chance "to visit him again."

Arthur Harrow star Ethan Hawke also said that he was unsure if he'll be back for more MCU stories after Season 1, although there are plenty of other important heroes and villains who could pop up elsewhere in Marvel's adventures.

One Moon Knight Character Teased to Return

Moon Knight Layla, Avengers

Deadline reported on Moon Knight star May Calamawy joining the cast of the upcoming Gladiator sequel.

The outlet noted how her breakout role came in Moon Knight while also sharing that Marvel expects to have big plans for Calamawy's Layla El-Faouly moving forward.

This also comes after Marvel Comics introduced Layla's version of the Scarlet Scarab to the page for the first time.

When Will Moon Knight's Scarlet Scarab Return?

Layla's introduction as the Scarlet Scarab marked a milestone moment during Moon Knight's final episode, giving the MCU a new take on the hero from the comics with some notable changes in play for the small screen.

Considering how widely she's been promoted in both Moon Knight marketing material and through her new run in the comics as an original character from the MCU, it's no shock to hear that Marvel has big plans for May Calamawy's character in the near future.

As for where she could return, there's still no word on when Moon Knight Season 2 will go into development, although she would unquestionably be in play for a return there as her relationships with Marc Spector and the Goddess Taweret develop.

It's also tough to look at other franchises in which she could have a crossover moment, with the easiest choice being in one of the next couple of Avengers movies as the story is being developed right now.

But looking at how impactful this character is for Calamawy herself, she'll be prepared to take the Scarlet Scarab wherever the journey goes next as her legacy evolves.

Moon Knight Season 1 is available to stream on Disney+.

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