Marvel's Moon Knight Show Adds Ethan Hawke as Main Villain

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Ethan Hawke Moon Knight

The adaptation of Moon Knight from Marvel Studios is going into unexpected, but not unwelcome, directions, having a heavier focus on Egypt. Egyptian director Mohamed Diab has been hired for the Moon Knight series, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has even described the series asan action-adventure Indiana Jones-type story.” However, the show will still apparently explore Marc Spector's mental health and his multiple personalities.

More and more casting news is emerging from Moon Knight as they prepare to film in March 2021 in Budapest, Hungary. Marvel Studios already found its lead with Oscar Issac playing Marc Spector and May Calamawy likely playing his love interest Marlene Alraune. There are plenty of casting still unaccounted for, such as Spector's best friend Frenchie, four Egyptian roles, and, of course, the series villain.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ethan Hawke has been cast as a lead villain opposite Oscar Issac's Marc Spector in the Marvel Studios Moon Knight Disney+ series. No details have been shared regarding the specific character Hawke will portray.


There's quite a lot of process of elimination that can be done when narrowing down which Moon Knight villain Ethan Hawke will be playing.

He almost definitely won't be Bushmann considering that that villain is of African descent in the comics. 

Hawke looks nothing like Oscar Issac, so he's unlikely to be Randall Spector (Marc Spector's mercenary brother in the comics).

Carson Knowles, a.k.a. Black Spector, was inspired by Moon Knight later on, so an appearance from that villain seems more like something we'll see in a later season of the show if it extends beyond its first season.

One option that matches Hawke's appearance could be Jack Russell, more commonly known as Werewolf by Night. Traditionally a hero, Russell has still had plenty of bad run-ins with Marc Spector, especially when it's a full moon and he loses control over his transformation. In fact, Jack Russell was previously rumored to appear in Moon Knight over a year ago. However, it's hard to guess how Russell would be the lead villain opposite Oscar Issac and not just a temporary enemy.

Another character more worthy of the title of “lead villain” could be Dracula, which would make sense as Moon Knight was rumored to directly lead into Mahershala Ali's Blade. Much more of a heavy hitter and an outright villain, Hawke could easily pull off playing this ancient enemy of humanity.

One last possibility, given the Indiana Jones tone, focus on mythology, and Egyptian setting, is the Sun King. This villain in the comics is a criminally insane patient of Ravencroft Institute who believed that he was possessed by the Egyptian God of the Sun, Ra, mirroring how Marc Spector is possessed by the Egyptian God of the Moon, Khonsu.

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