Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight Adds The Endless Directors

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Oscar Isaac Moon Knight

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is only a week away from beginning its new era of storytelling on Disney+, which will include at least a dozen confirmed properties over the next couple of years. The first few projects, including WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , have completed production, and are ready to premiere, while others are in various stages of shooting and pre-production.

Many of the shows set for 2022 are still getting the cast and crew together as Marvel Studios continues to bring a clearer picture for both the story and the team behind it. News has just come clarifying some of that picture with two new directors coming on board.


The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Marvel Studios is bringing indie directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead in to direct the Disney+ series Moon Knight . They will join Mohamed Diab, who is attached to direct the series as well.

Morehead took to Twitter after the news broke to share his excitement:

The outlet reports that the series is expected to begin filming in March 2021 in Budapest, Hungary.


Most of the series set to premiere on Disney+ have multiple directors attached to bring them to life, and this news confirms the same strategy for Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight .

Benson and Morehead made their name as a duo on sci-fi horror films like The Endless and Synchronic , the latter starring longtime MCU regular Anthony Mackie. The team has notably taken on many roles in their movies including writing, acting, directing, producing, shooting and editing, which should leave them well-equipped to take on this major production for Marvel Studios.

There is no word yet on how directing duties will be split up between this duo and Mohamed Diab, but their experience in thrillers should mesh perfectly with the dark and mysterious story behind Moon Knight .

Moon Knight will release on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

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