Marvel Teases Indiana Jones-Like Adventure For Moon Knight Disney+ Show

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Indiana Jones, Moonknight

Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford's other famous, smuggler film character is a cinema icon, having appeared in four films with a fifth and final installment on the way.

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios is hard at work on their upcoming Disney+ Moon Knight, which follows the white-and-silver-clad viglante and will explore the character's mental health issues against the backdrop of Egyptian iconography.

It has been said that if adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones. But when it comes to the MCU, perhaps adventure more closely resembles Marc Spector.


During Disney's Investor Day presentation, which took place on December 10, Marvel CCO Kevin Feige took the virtual center stage and spoke on a dazzling number of upcoming Marvel Studios movies and shows. One of these many projects was Moon Knight. While Feige did not confirm the casting of Oscar Isaac in the title role, he did make mention of the MCU series taking inspration from the Indiana Jones franchise.

Feige's words were: "Bringing you a whole new different vibe to the MCU, Moon Knight is an action-adventure Indiana Jones-type story..."


The Indy movies are known for a lot of things; their thrilling action sequences, their devil-may-care protagonist and their globe-trotting scope. It's quite possible that elements like these will translate over to Moon Knight. 

In the comics, Marc Spector aka, Moon Knight is a very wealthy man who doesn't always have the most healthy head on his shoulders. He's often been referred to as "Marvel's Batman" due to his similarities to DC Comics' Caped Crusader. After all, he does also don a themed costume and beats criminals to a pulp on a nightly basis.

Indiana Jones, on the other hand, is pretty scrappy in a fist fight, but often relies on his wit and his will to overcome the obstacles placed in his path. It's a bit difficult to ascertain exactly what Kevin Feige means when he says "Indiana Jones type story," but, given that those are such beloved films, fans should be in for quite a treat when Moon Knight arrives on Disney+.

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