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Shrinking Season 2 Release, Cast and Everything We Know

Here is what next about Shrinking Season 2 after a stunning Season 1 finale.

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MCU: First Look at Red Hulk for 2025 Movie Gets Revealed (Photo)

Fans got their first look at a thrilling new MCU character arriving in 2025: Red Hulk.

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First Look at Harrison Ford's Recast Marvel Character Revealed at CinemaCon

The first footage from Captain America 4 released at Disney's CinemaCon panel, featuring Harrison Ford's MCU debut.

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Harrison Ford Breaks Silence on Marvel Movie Role

Harrison Ford finally confirmed his involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Indiana Jones 5 Suffers Worst-Ever Box Office Losses in Franchise History

Dial of Destiny is quickly becoming one of Lucasfilm's biggest losers.

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Indiana Jones 5 Streaming Release: When Will 'Dial of Destiny' Come Out on Disney+?

Harrison Ford has returned as Indiana Jones in theaters, but when will he be available to watch at home?

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Secret Invasion's Finale Just Teased Harrison Ford's MCU Debut

Harrison Ford's upcoming introduction into the MCU just got that much closer after Secret Invasion.

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'That's Bad News': Marvel Star Reacts to Getting Replaced by Harrison Ford as MCU President

Secret Invasion star Dermot Mulroney reflected on Harrison Ford's upcoming stint as the MCU's U.S. President in Captain America 4.

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Captain America 4 Star Gives Sly Response to Red Hulk Appearance Rumors

Anthony Mackie offered his own explanation for Harrison Ford’s ripped pants.

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Harrison Ford Gets Honest About the Surprise Ending of Indiana Jones 5

Harrison Ford explained why he's such a fan of the Indy franchise's conclusion.

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Indiana Jones 5 Cast, Characters & Actors

Harrison Ford's strapping archeologist is back, and here is everybody joining him on this latest adventure.

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Captain America 4: First Details on Harrison Ford's Key Role Revealed

Anthony Mackie has officially commented on Harison Ford joining the MCU as Thunderbolt Ross.

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Harrison Ford Shares Blunt Response to Red Hulk Casting Rumors

What was Harrison Ford's reaction to the idea of playing Red Hulk in the MCU?

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Indiana Jones 6? Lucasfilm Boss Teases Franchise Continuation AFTER Indy 5

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy commented on how Indiana Jones could continue after Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

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Captain America 4 Announces 6 Main Cast Members

Marvel Studios recently confirmed the six main cast members for the upcoming Captain America: Brave New World film.

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Harrison Ford's New Marvel Set Photo Teases His Red Hulk Transformation

A new image from the set of Captain America: Brave New World seems to tease the Red Hulk's first appearance.

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Marvel Just Changed Captain America 4's Controversial Title

It was rumored that the title of Captain America 4 would change, and Anthony Mackie has finally confirmed its new title.

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Harrison Ford Admits His New Marvel Movie Role Isn’t Easy

Harrison Ford is having a tough time with his MCU debut in Captain America 4.

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Indiana Jones 5: First Clip Highlights the Main Villain (Description)

The first clip from Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was released at Star Wars Celebration.

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Disney Announces the End of the Indiana Jones Franchise

A new press release indicated that the upcoming movie, Dial of Destiny, will be the last installment from the franchise.

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First Look at Harrison Ford's Recast Marvel Character (Set Photos)

New photos from the Captain America 4 set tease the veteran actor's Marvel debut.

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Marvel Announces Major Name as the MCU’s President of the United States

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige confirmed which actor is playing the MCU's in-universe president of the United States.

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Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk Mo-Cap Likelihood Addressed by Marvel Actor

Thunderbolts David Harbour addressed the likelihood of Harrison Ford donning Marvel mo-cap

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Harrison Ford Divulges the Real Reason He's Joining Marvel

Harrison Ford explained why he decided to join the MCU.

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Harrison Ford Hilariously Lies About His Captain America 4 Role In New Interview

Harrison Ford joked about his upcoming MCU debut in Captain America: New World Order.

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Harrison Ford Bluntly Reacts to Indiana Jones Replacement Rumors

Harrison Ford has commented on the rumors that the next Indy film will see someone replace his iconic character.

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Internet Reacts to De-Aged Harrison Ford In Indiana Jones 5

Fans shared their reactions to the de-aging done to Harrison Ford in the first Indiana Jones 5 trailer.

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Indiana Jones 5 Director Refutes ‘Disaster’ Test Screening Reports

Indiana Jones 5 director James Mangold addressed the rumors about reported test screenings of his latest film.

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Marvel Reportedly Recasting William Hurt's MCU Role In Thunderbolts Movie

Following the tragic passing of William Hurt, Marvel has decided to recast the role of Thunderbolt Ross and it's reportedly interested in Harrison Ford.

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Marvel Studios Teases Harrison Ford's 'Fantastic' MCU Scenes

Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore teased the exciting addition of Harrison Ford to the MCU.

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First Details on Harrison Ford's Recast Marvel Character Revealed

The details about Harrison Ford's upcoming role in the MCU were revealed.

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Harrison Ford Reportedly Joins Captain America 4 Cast

Star Wars and Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford may have signed on to join the MCU.

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Star Wars Boss Reportedly Prevented Marvel's Harrison Ford Announcement at D23

Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy reportedly prevented Marvel Studios announcing Harrison Ford's Thunderbolts role at D23.

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Harrison Ford Rumored to Play Major Marvel Character In 2024 Movie

Harrison Ford is rumored to replace the late William Hurt as Secretary Ross in the MCU's Thunderbolts movie.

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Photos: Brie Larson Looks Adorable Meeting Harrison Ford With Marvel Crew

Brie Larson and Iman Vellani break the internet after meeting Harrison Ford at D23.

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Star Wars: Daisy Ridley Says She Wishes Rey Was Related To Harrison Ford's Han Solo

Daisy Ridley says that she would want Rey to be related to Han Solo.

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Harrison Ford Rumored for Surprising Star Wars Return

Harrison Ford was rumored to have filmed scenes for a mystery Star Wars project.

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Star Wars: Mark Hamill Reveals How Harrison Ford Improvised During A New Hope Production

Hamill shared the true story of why he had to hold hands with Harrison Ford on the set of Star Wars.

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Indiana Jones: Bethesda Announces Video Game Based on Harrison Ford Franchise

Bethesda announces an Indiana Jones video game developed by Machine Games.

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Star Wars: Ron Howard Opens Up About Harrison Ford's Support of Solo Movie

Ron Howard shares Harrison Ford's praise of 2018's Solo: A Star Wars Story and Alden Ehrenreich's Han Solo portrayal.

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Star Wars Officially Announces The Empire Strikes Back Returns to Theaters Next Week

Lucasfilm confirmed that The Empire Strikes Back will return to theaters next Friday, September 25.

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