1923 Season 2 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

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A new filming update has fans itching to know when 1923 Season 2 will be released.

The hit Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren-led Yellowstone spin-off made waves on Paramount+ upon release back in 2022, expanding Taylor Sheridan's cowboy odyssey.

After nearly a year since the show got the Season 2 greenlight and getting "delayed indefinitely" thanks to 2023's Hollywood strikes (via NBC Montana), the 1923 wheels are finally turning again.

1923 Season 2 Moving Towards Release

Harrison Ford in 1923

1923 Season 2 got an update from star Brandon Sklenar, potentially hinting when the hit Western could be released.

Speaking with Fox News, Sklenar let slip that he is in the middle of prep for the series, taking part in what he called "cowboy camp."

The Spencer Dutton actor said he has yet to film any scenes with series leads Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren for Season 2, but "[he] will in the last eight episodes" which "[they are] about to start [filming]."

This is the first indication that 1923 is back behind cameras, meaning a 2024 release is more likely than ever.

Season 1 started filming in August 2022 before hitting Paramount+ four months later on December 18, 2022.

If Season 2 gets started filming in either late January or early February, then fans should expect the beloved streaming drama to return as early as summer 2024.

However, the 1923 creative team could hold the series a bit opting to release at a similar time to Season 1 in the last quarter of the year (between September and December 2024).

What Will Happen in 1923 Season 2?

As 1923 heads into Season 2, audiences are wondering what exactly will happen when the Taylor Sheridan-created drama returns.

Set as a spin-off from the incredibly successful Yellowstone series, it is obvious 1923 will continue to focus on the franchise's central family of ranchers, the Duttons.

1923 Season 2 will be filled with drama, as the Duttons face a bigger threat than they ever have.

Season 1 saw the dastardly business tycoon Donald Whitfield graciously offer to pay the Dutton's property tax, essentially taking possession of the family ranch until they have the money to pay him back.

So surely, Season 2 will be a square-off between the series' clan of cattle ranchers and Whitfield, as they try to save the business that has been in their family for generations.

Of course, fans know it will ultimately work out, as Yellowstone sees characters in the Dutton family taking care of the ranch generations later, but that is not to say not be twists and turns on the way to getting there.

Surely, 1923 Season 2 will still be jam-packed with narrative intrigue as the Dutton clan does its best to maintain the integrity of the family business.

1923 Season 1 is streaming now on Paramount+.

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