1883 Season 2: Potential Release, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far

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Will Yellowstone prequel 1883 return for Season 2 at Paramount? Here's what we know about the show's future so far.

The Yellowstone universe continues to expand under creator Taylor Sheridan, with various spin-offs continuing to release as the flagship series comes to an end, further exploring the various generations of the Dutton family over the years.

1883 currently serves as the earliest entry in the Yellowstone timeline, taking place in the titular year, long before the events of fellow spin-off 1923 and the modern-day-set original series that started it all. 

1883 Season 2 Release: Will It Ever Come Out

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In the immediate future, Yellowstone is expected to return with its final episodes to round out Season 5 in November provided the ongoing writers' strike doesn't impact plans to film in the summer - the show will not return for Season 6.

Beyond that, there are plans for a Matthew McConaughey-fronted sequel series, 1923 Season 2, along with new spin-offs 6666, 1944, and Lawman: Bass Reeves, the latter of which may well tie into 1883 in some form.

Currently, there are no official plans for 1883 Season 2, with creator Taylor Sheridan telling Deadline after the finale how his goal was to make a "ten-hour movie that ended." He expanded to share how he would rather leave how the story continues up to the audience's imagination:

“I created this peek through time to show you this one specific journey. I’m not someone who likes to tie everything up in a bow and explain how everyone lived happily after, or didn’t. I’d rather you imagine it, and wonder what Thomas and Noemi made of their lives. You never get to see how James and Margaret move on.”

When Lawman: Bass Reeves was announced, it was originally titled 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, with 1883 set to live on through the spin-off series. It's unclear whether Lawman: Bass Reeves will still tie to 1883 following its retitling or whether any of the Dutton family will appear.

The limited series will chronicle the story of legendary lawman Bass Reeves (David Oyelowo), who is considered by many to be the greatest hero of the American frontier, and possibly even the inspiration for The Lone Ranger.

Filming for Lawman: Bass Reeves had begun filming by January 2023, with estimates indicating the 1883 successor could release on Paramount+ at some point between late 2023 and early 2024.

How 1883 Season 2 Would Relate to 1923

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In some ways, as another prequel series to Yellowstone which happens to take place after 1883, 1923 does exist as its sequel. 

Although the two Yellowstone spin-offs don't directly connect so far, they do share a focus on the Dutton family, with 1923 starring close relatives of the Americans featured in 1883.

Perhaps the closest connection comes with how Harrison Ford's Jacob in 1923 - who by that point is the Dutton patriarch and owner of the family ranch - is the brother of Tim McGraw's James Dutton, the lead of 1883.

If 1883 were to return for a second season, the connections to 1923 would likely be limited given the massive time gap between them. 

But perhaps characters such as Jacob Dutton and his wife Cara (Helen Mirren) could appear in their younger forms in a potential follow-up, even if this would require younger actors to fill in for Ford and Mirren.

As of now, there is no indication Lawman: Bass Reeves, which may be the closest thing fans get to 1883 Season 2, will have any connection to 1923.

What Could Happen in 1883 Season 2?

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For now, 1883 Season 2 doesn't appear to be on the cards, but that could change as the Yellowstone universe continues to be a success as it expands in new, interesting, and unexpected ways.

Lawman: Bass Reeves will be based on the life of the first black Deputy U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi River, who lived from 1838 to 1910.

Although special plot details remain vague for now, by 1883 the real-life Reeves had already spent eight years as Deputy U.S. Marshall, with him going on to kill 14 outlaws and arrest around 3000 more during his long career.

However, with 1883 having been removed from Bass Reeves' title, it's possible any connections to that show and era may have gone with it, leaving the spin-off storyline even more shrouded in mystery.

The Yellowstone prequel 1883 is streaming now on Paramount+.

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