MCU: First Look at Red Hulk Design for 2025 Movie Gets Revealed (Photo)

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MCU fans now know what Marvel Studios' design for the Red Hulk will look like ahead of his 2025 debut.

With Harrison Ford taking over the role from the late William Hurt, General Thunderbolt Ross will finally embody his Marvel Comics alter ego in Captain America: Brave New World, becoming the Red Hulk.

Ford has not been subtly teasing his character's transformation, going so far as to give a physical "zipped lips" motion when he was first asked about doing a motion-capture performance for the iconic Hulk villain.

First Look at MCU's Red Hulk Design

Red Hulk from Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

A reel from Instagram user @colecionaveis_fastfood shared the first look at the MCU’s take on Red Hulk, who will be utilized in 2025’s Captain America: Brave New World.

The reel features video of a McDonald’s display highlighting Happy Meal Toys, which are currently based on characters from the new MCU movie. In that group is a figurine embodying Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross after transforming into the Red Hulk.

The toy shows off the villain's bright red skin tone and yellow irises complete with a pair of ripped shorts reminiscent of those seen on Bruce Banner.

Red Hulk McDonald's Happy Meal toy

The design looks nearly identical to what fans have seen from the Red Hulk over the years in Marvel Comics, bringing a sense of comic accuracy to the villain in his first-ever MCU appearance.

This comes after set photos teased Harrison Ford wearing ripped pants, indicating his eventual evolution into the evil red version of Marvel's superhuman rage monster.

Red Hulk's Role in 2025 MCU Movie

While it's unclear if the Red Hulk will be the primary antagonist in Captain America: Brave New World, casting a name as big as Harrison Ford shows how vital the character is in the plot.

At Marvel's panel from CinemaCon 2024, attendees got their first look at Ford's recast Ross, who will take up the position of United States President in the 2025 sequel. Ross will make his first appearance in the MCU since 2021's Black Widow, and along with the recast, he'll go without his signature mustache for the first time in MCU history.

That footage also teased Ross's relationship with Sam Wilson quickly devolving, although other plot details remain unclear due to the film reportedly going through big reshoots over the coming weeks.

Many are also hoping to see Ross make a comeback in 2025's Thunderbolts*, which debuts less than three months after Captain America 4

No matter what, however, 2025 will finally give the Red Hulk the spotlight fans have wanted to see him take for years.

Captain America: Brave New World will debut in theaters on February 14, 2025.

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