Harrison Ford Breaks Silence on Marvel Movie Role

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Harrison Ford's reported casting in Marvel Studios' Captain America: New World Order as a recast Thunderbolt Ross made tons of headlines in the past months, and he's finally addressed his upcoming MCU debut. 

In September, Ford was reportedly tapped to replace the late William Hurt to portray the MCU's Thunderbolt Ross in 2024's Captain America 4

While the exact plot details of the Anthony Mackie-led solo film are still shrouded in secrecy, another rumor unveiled that Ross is building his own "new world order" in the movie, pitting him against the titular Star-Spangled Avenger. 

Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore eventually confirmed Ford's involvement in the upcoming MCU flick, teasing that "[they] couldn't be more excited" and that his scenes with Mackie will be"fantastic."

Harrison Ford Talks About Joining the MCU

Harrison Ford, Captain Marvel

Speaking with The Playlist, Star Wars veteran Harrison Ford broke his silence on joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thunderbolt Ross. 

When asked why he was interested in joining the ever-popular superhero franchise, Ford admitted that he simply now "wants to do some of the things I haven't done:"

The Playlist: "What was the interest on your part for [joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe]?"

Ford: “Hey, look, I’ve done a lot of things. I now want to do some of the things I haven’t done."

The Playlist then inquired if he will be gearing up in a motion-capture suit to film scenes as Red Hulk (which Thunderbolt Ross becomes in the comics), to which Ford shared a non-verbal coy response: 

The Playlist: "Are you going to be doing the mo-cap stuff and everything [for Red Hulk]?"

Ford: [zipped-lips motion]

Will Harrison Ford Transform Into the Red Hulk?

Harrison Ford's latest comments suggest that he's excited to be part of the MCU, which makes sense considering that it's a different kind of opportunity for him. 

Given that his stint as Indiana Jones already required him to take on stunts and action sequences through the years, Ford's remarks about doing "some of the things" that he hasn't done could indicate that he's going all-out in the CGI department this time around. 

Although he was tight-lipped about being involved in a mo-cap suit and a possible Red Hulk transformation, the actor's non-verbal coy response suggests that he is simply avoiding spoilers. 

The clash between Anthony Mackie's Captain America and Ford's Thunderbolt Ross has long been teased. Seeing him transform into the formidable foe Red Hulk would fit the movie's narrative, especially considering that Ross' last MCU appearance (Black Widow) indicated that he was not in good health. 

Whatever the case, Ford is an exciting addition to the MCU, and hopefully, it is not a one-movie affair. 

Captain America: New World Order is set to premiere in theaters on May 3, 2024.

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