Shrinking Season 2 Gets Big Announcement: When Will It Release?

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Shrinking Season 2's significant production update may have shed some light on when it will be released on Apple TV+

Shrinking Season 2 will explore the ramifications of Donny's death after being pushed off a cliff by Grace (Heidi Gardner) due to Jimmy's (Jason Segel) advice about standing up for herself. 

Shrinking co-creator Bill Lawrence confirmed on X (formerly Twitter) that production for Season 2 began in January 2024 and was still ongoing when Deadline reported Ted Lasso and Thor: Love and Thunder star Brett Goldstein's inclusion to the cast in March 2024. 

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Shrinking Season 2 Receives Important Production Update

Jason Segel as Jimmy in Shrinking Season 1
Jason Segel

Linda Choi, the head of Shrinking's makeup department, announced on Instagram that filming for Season 2 has wrapped. Shrinking cinematographer John Brawley also shared the news on his personal Instagram account. 

Season 2's filming wrap comes after it began production in January 2024. 

Production on Season 1 began in April 2022 and wrapped in August 2022. The show then premiered on January 27, 2023, five months after it finished filming. 

Assuming that Season 2 follows a similar release timeframe as Season 1, Shrinking's next season could premiere in late 2024, possibly in October or November. 

It is also possible that Shrinking Season 2 will end up releasing on Apple TV+ in early 2025.

What To Expect in Shrinking Season 2

Aside from Jimmy dealing with the ramifications of Grace's drastic actions in the Season 1 finale, Shrinking Season 2 is also expected to explore more of Jimmy's new relationship with Gaby and Liz and Derek's continued bond. 

Unpacking more of Jimmy's unethical ways of helping his patients via therapy could also backfire. 

Speaking with Collider in March 2023, Shrinking co-creator Bill Lawrence shared that Harrison Ford's character, Paul, will announce Season 2's theme in the first episode, similar to how he revealed that grief was the overarching theme of Season 1:

"We knew the first year was about grief because we announced it. Harrison Ford’s character says, 'Grief is a sneaky little fucker.' We knew what the second year was about, and Harrison will announce it in the first episode of the second year. We knew, going in, that the ending of the first year would lead us into what we wanted to write about in the second season. I don’t wanna do any spoilers, but I don’t think it’s what people will imagine it’s going to be. They’re not gonna be in a courtroom."

Some have theorized that Season 2 could deal with the complexities of crime, but Lawrence's passing comment that the characters will not be in a courtroom suggests that Grace's murder of Donny will somehow be covered up. 

Whether Jimmy will help her do that, though, remains to be seen. In fact, Lawrence told Variety in March 2023 that Season 2 will dig deep into themes of forgiveness.

Shrinking Season 1 is available to stream on Apple TV+.

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