Dark Matter Book Summary & Spoilers, Explained

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Dark Matter Apple TV+, Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly

Fans of the 2016 Dark Matter book are diving into a summary of its events, including an explanation of its curious ending.

Based on the sci-fi book by Blake Crouch, a Dark Matter series on Apple TV+ recently premiered, starring Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly.

Dark Matter (novel) was praised for its frenetic pace and imaginative blend of genres, though some critics found fault with its lack of character development and reliance on short, fragmented paragraphs. 

Despite these criticisms, it remained a thought-provoking and engaging read, prompting its creation into a TV series.

Dark Matter Plot Spoilers Explained

Joel Edgerton in Dark Matter
Dark Matter

Jason Dessen (played by Ederton in the Apple TV+ show), a former quantum mechanics physicist turned college physics professor in Chicago, finds himself abducted and drugged one day, awakening in a science laboratory to discover he's in an alternate version of the city. 

In this world (alternate universe), he had chosen a different path in life, opting not to marry his wife, Daniela (portrayed by Connelly), and pursuing his career as a physicist instead. 

Held and questioned by scientists who mistake him for his alternate self, Jason learns that his abductor (referred to as Jason2) orchestrated his journey to experience the life Jason had abandoned.

Determined to return to his original reality, Jason, accompanied by Jason2's therapist, Amanda, ventures through the multiverse through a mysterious cube, encountering various parallel worlds until he reunites with his family. 

Dark Matter Ending Spoilers Explained

In the climax of the conflict among the various versions of Jason, the leading Jason emerges victorious, securing his role as the head of the Dessen family after reuniting with his loved ones. 

Amidst the action-packed scenes, the pivotal moment lies in Daniela and Charlie actively participating in the decision of who they want to be with. 

Additionally, the narrative takes a significant turn as Jason relinquishes control to his son, allowing Charlie to determine their family's future and marking a significant development in their father-son dynamic.

However, Jason's escape plan is flawed, as splits occur continuously in the multiverse, meaning that in some timelines, other versions of Jason may succeed in killing him, and the separate timelines do not communicate, leaving each Jason unaware of the others' fates.

Episodes 1 and 2 of the Dark Matter series are now streaming on Apple TV+.

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