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Joel Edgerton in Dark Matter

Apple TV+'s Dark Matter amped up the weird again, ending Episode 7 with a twist that adds even more confusion to its unraveling story.

Joel Edgerton's sci-fi series, based on the book of the same name, has taken its viewers to all corners of its version of the multiverse, all in an attempt to return to the universe taken over by a doppelganger of lead character Jason Dessen.

Featuring stellar performances from its cast, which includes Jennifer Connelly and Alice Braga, Dark Matter has a few more tricks up its sleeve as it heads into its final two episodes.

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Following up on the previous episode that saw the imposter Jason filling the Box full of concrete, Episode 7 - "In the Fires of Dead Stars" has Dark Matter's villain undoing these actions, Amanda finding a potential new home, and Jason having a peculiar family encounter.

For the sake of clarity, the various characters will be referred to with numbers designating the universe where they originated from.

For example, Jason 1 is the version of Joel Edgerton's character who started off working as a teacher and had his life replaced, while Jason 2 is the imposter variant of the character that has used the Box to take over Jason 1's life. Characters with a '1' or '2' after their name will be from the respective universes of these Jasons.

Still with me? Let's dive into more Dark Matter.

The Other Jason Lies to the Cops

Kate Eastman as Detective Jamie Mason in Dark Matter
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While Jason 2 attempts to appease his frustrated, found family following the mishap with Charlie's nut allergy (it was an honest mistake, right?), Detective Mason shows up at the Dessen household to inquire about a certain missing Ryan 1. That version of the scientist was plonked into another utopian-looking universe by Jason 2, not that Mason necessarily knows that herself.

Jason 2 tries to invent a story that Ryan 1 had gotten himself unusually tipsy the night of his disappearance. He notes how this was particularly odd given his sobriety, something that has been highlighted in prior episodes this season.

Upon Mason's departure, Daniela 1 finally asks him about the Lavender Fairy ampule she found at the storage unit housing the Box. Like the crafty weasel he is, Jason blames the serum on Ryan 1 and attributes his odd behavior over the past few weeks to the drug, prompting Daniela 1 to tell him to stop taking it.

Amanda's Key Decision to Stay

Alice Braga as Amanda in Dark Matter
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Down to their last 10 ampules, Amanda 2 proposes to Jason 1 to use their next universe jump for a deserved break after their 29-day-long journey on the multiversal highway. They find themselves in a technologically advanced version of Chicago, which doesn't look too dissimilar from the one that Ryan 1 was dumped in by Jason 2. Even the skylines look remarkably alike.

Regardless, Amanda 2 tells Jason 1 to meet at a restaurant called The Spire. Edgerton's character is greeted by an Amanda adorned in an elegant, emerald gown, who has brought him here to deliver some news. Amanda 2 reveals that this universe's Amanda went missing two years prior, a perfect scenario for Braga's character to insert herself into. 

Jason 1 refuses an offer from her to remain in this universe with her, which ultimately leads to the realization that the two of their conflicting desires have been holding each other back in trying to get back to their home realities. The two share a kiss before Jason 1 decides that he has to go and he sneaks a few ampules into her purse on the off-chance she decides to leave her newfound life.

No doubt we will see her again soon.

Jason Reunites With Max

Oakes Fegley as Max Dessen in Dark Matter
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Now without any baggage holding him back, Jason 1 should be able to return home. Right?

Nope. On his first attempt to return to his home universe, Jason 1 ends up in a reality where his son is alive. But not the son we've come to know thus far.

Episode 3 first teased the existence of Max, Charlie's twin brother. This was expanded upon in Episode 4, where it was revealed that Max died at a young age due to a heart defect and his memory lived on through his commemorations on Charlie's birthday every year. Now, Max stands before Jason 1, having survived the heart defect thanks to a heart transplant from a girl named Holly.

While it isn't explained who Holly is, her sacrifice causes Max distress as he does not feel deserving of the life he has been given; he thinks he's a screw-up. Perhaps she was a close friend of his who had a bright future ahead of her with clear aspirations, or maybe she was an all-new member of the Dessen family that existed in this universe.

The Other Jason Kidnaps Another Ryan

Jimmi Simpson as Ryan Holder in Dark Matter
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Distressed by the universe's lack of a Ryan, Jason 2 sets out to find another one. He lays waste to the freshly made concrete in the Box and plucks another Ryan (we'll call him Ryan 3) to replace the previous one.

Ryan 3 never won the Pavia Prize in his universe and worked as a mechanic, so now he'll be able to make good on his unfulfilled dreams by having them hastily handed to him – and with a fresh new haircut to boot.

The question now is, will this fool the rest of the world?

Dark Matter Episode 7's Ending Twist Explained: Triple Jasons?

Joel Edgerton as Jason Dessen in Dark Matter
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Meanwhile, Jason 1 grapples with the idea of replacing the Jason who fathered a grown-up Max, just as Jason 2 did to him. Ultimately, cooler heads prevail and he tries to go back to his universe once again. Now unburdened by his mental baggage and being at peace with the imperfections of his life, Jason 1 should be able to return home. Right?

Yes! Jason makes it back to his universe, finding Jason 2 with Daniela 1 and Charlie at home. So naturally, Jason 1 decides he needs to pack some heat. A visit to a gun store leads to Jason 1 having to settle for some pepper spray. It'll have to do. Jason 1 leaves.

Jason 1 comes back. The store clerk is confused when he asks to purchase a gun again and points out that the Jason who just walked in did not have a brace on his finger.

Oh no. Now there are three Jasons?! The brace is not the only difference between these final two Jasons though. Jason 3, the first Jason who purchased the pepper spray, wore the same clothes as Jason 1, the second Jason who walked into the gun store but is missing the nose scar that Jason sustained when being abducted by Jason 2 in Episode 1.

This means that another Jason has arrived ahead of Jason 1's return home, with a backstory that only ever so slightly diverges from his own. Will this result in the two fighting over who deserves to stay in this universe? Is Jason 1 sure this is the one that he left? Is Jason 3 even sure?

Alternatively, perhaps there is a chance the two could team up against Jason 2, given that they were presumably both tormented by him. However, if Jason 3 did not get his nose injured, how different was his experience? He still holds a grudge against Jason 2, enough for him to kill over it, but this missing event may determine who gets to stay and who gets booted to another universe.

There is also the question of Amanda 2. If she is in a utopian universe, potentially the same one that Ryan 1 finds himself in, perhaps their connection may lead the two of them back to the Jasons. Could a third Jason also allow for a potential relationship with Amanda 2 to occur, allowing for Jason to simultaneously be with Daniela 1 and Amanda 2?

It really is Schrödinger's Jason.

Dark Matter Episode 8 premieres on Wednesday, June 19 on Apple TV+.

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