Secret Invasion's Finale Just Teased Harrison Ford's MCU Debut

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The finale of Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion's on Disney+ set up the MCU for Harrison Ford's imminent debut.

Following an epic run as Han Solo and Indiana Jones over the past four decades, Ford will take on his latest major pop culture franchise as he presides over the role of Thunderbolt Ross following William Hurt's passing.

He'll be just one of a few huge names taking the spotlight in next year's Captain America: Brave New World, although his place in the MCU just became a little more clear after the franchise's last entry.

Secret Invasion Sets up Harrison Ford's MCU Entry

In the finale, Dermot Mulroney's United States President Riston gave a speech on live television, telling the world that all alien species are considered enemies of the United States, effectively enacting open season on hunting Skrulls.

President Ritson
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After that speech, he gets a call from Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury berating him for what he just told the world, with the former SHIELD director calling his actions "real one-term-President stuff:"

Fury: “You took a bad situation and made it worse. That’s real one-term-President stuff. But we have to act now. Before the hit squads you inspired kill off the Skrulls who still wanna help us.”

Nick Fury
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This was a not-so-subtle way for Fury to tell Riston that his time as the U.S. President would be coming to an end soon, opening the door for Harrison Ford's Thunderbolt Ross to take over the position.

Reports noted that Ross would be put into office as President during Captain America: Brave New World, with Secret Invasion opening the door for this plot point.

President Riston
Marvel Studios

Mulroney even joked around in an interview about the subject of his President Ritson being replaced, commenting that the rumblings about Ross taking the position were "bad news."

How Will Ross' Presidency Affect the MCU?

Having Harrison Ford's Thunderbolt Ross as the President of the United States will unquestionably put plenty of drama in motion for the MCU as he gains more political power than he's ever seen.

Fans already got a tease of his ambition in Captain America: Civil War when William Hurt's Ross led the movement supporting the Sokovia Accords, exerting his own personal reign over the Avengers and their actions.

Now, Captain America 4 will see the character developing a new kind of relationship with Sam Wilson as he takes on the mantle, butting heads with one another even as Sam fights for the greater good.

And with rumors pointing to Ross soon turning into the Red Hulk, even backed up by set photos of Ford, President Ross' time at the top of the USA's hierarchy looks to change the landscape of the MCU for Captain America and the rest of the team.

Captain America: Brave New World will debut in theaters on July 26, 2024. Meanwhile, all six episodes of Secret Invasion are streaming on Disney+.

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