Disney Announces the MCU's New President of the United States

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Disney announced the actor who will play the MCU's new U.S. President.

The MCU will debut two brand-new United States Presidents in Phase 5, one of which will be featured in Disney+'s Secret Invasion while the other will be a familiar face played by a major star in 2024's Captain America: Brand New World.

The legendary Harrison Ford will over from the late William Hurt as Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross in Captain America 4, in which the MCU political icon will now be serving as President of the United States.

Who Will Play the MCU's New U.S. President?

In a recent article from Disney's D23 website, the House of Mouse included a cast list for Marvel Studios' next Disney+ show, Secret Invasion, and confirmed the actor behind the MCU's new President of the United States.

Friends actor Dermot Mulroney will officially play U.S. President Ritson in Secret Invasion, which was previously reported by Empire as the outlet confirmed Don Cheadle's Rhodey will take up a desk job with the leader of the free world.

Dermot Mulroney, Scream 6

Mulroney's Ritson won't be the only new U.S. President to debut in Phase 5, as Harrison Ford will enter the fray as a recast Thunderbolt Ross in 2024's Captain America: Brave New World, with him set to occupy the White House by then.

Phase 5's two new U.S. Presidents will mark the second and third original White House occupants to be introduced in the MCU, following appearances of William Sadler's President Matthew Ellis in Iron Man 3 and Agents of SHIELD.

Is Secret Invasion's President Ritson a Skrull?

With Harrison Ford's Ross confirmed to be the U.S. President in next year's Captain America 4, one has to imagine things won't end well for Mulroney's President Ritson by the time Secret Invasion comes to a close.

Whatever may happen, Ross is almost certainly waiting in the wings to make a power grab once the presidential office becomes vacant. Perhaps he is even the Vice President to Ritson, leaving him to take his place after his exit.

Looking at the options, Ritson could be assassinated, impeached, resign, lose his re-election to Ross, or possibly even outed as one of the many Skrulls shape-shifting their way into invading human society.

Fans have already caught a glimpse at Ritson in the midst of a vehicle crash, so things already aren't looking good for his chances of survival in his MCU debut.

With the crux of Secret Invasion focusing on the Skrulls looking to take control of Earth, there may be no better office for them to shape-shift their way into than that of the U.S. President - arguably the most powerful man on the planet.

TV spots for Secret Invasion have seen Rhodey describe Nick Fury as "the most wanted man on the planet." Perhaps the former SHIELD director will earn his five-star wanted level by trying to take out President Ritson after discovering he is secretly one of the invading Skrulls.

Secret Invasion premieres on Wednesday, June 21, exclusively on Disney+.

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