Marvel Studios Will Introduce TWO New Presidents of the United States In Phase 5

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Marvel Studios gave fans the best look yet at the MCU's newest President of the United States in Secret Invasion.

One of the most intriguing bits about Secret Invasion that fans learned through leaks during production was that it would be the first time the MCU introduced a new President of the United States. Since Iron Man 3, the President has always been William Sadler's Matthew Ellis, but, of course, with the five-year time jump during Avengers: Endgame and term limits, there would inevitably have to be a new President.

Although, it's funny that fans quickly learned that in Captain America: New World Order, Harrison Ford's Thaddeus Ross would be the President of the US, which means something will have to happen to Dermot Mulroney's President Ritson in Marvel Studios' upcoming espionage thriller series to make that possible.

So, how will Ritson be removed from office?

MCU's Newest (and Soon Out) President of the United States

One of the biggest questions some fans have regarding Secret Invasion is what will happen to Dermot Mulroney's President Ritson. After all, Harrison Ford's Thaddeus Ross is poised to take his place in Captain America: New World Order, so what will cause such an abrupt change?

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The only three possibilities are he resigns, is impeached, loses reelection to Ross, or is assassinated. All three of them still have massive shake-ups within the universe of the MCU.

The leaked set photos showed that there would be unusual tension between the US and the UK, which would hurt the credibility of any sitting President, considering the two countries are meant to be close allies. Moreover, it could factor into his resignation or eventual election loss to Ross.

Killed or Disgraced

Other options for Ritson no longer being President could be him being assassinated or becoming such a disgrace to the White House that he's impeached from office. The former is a strong possibility, considering the antagonists of this series will be a disgruntled Skrull faction aiming to destabilize the governments of Earth.

Another possibility is, on top of the damaged relationship between the US and the UK, that Ritson could be revealed to be a Skrull. Something that could cause enormous global paranoia, which would cause a deep distrust in governments globally.

It could be the perfect time for a reactionary, anti-super government official to step up and run for President.

Secret Invasion will begin streaming on Disney+ on June 21.

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