Marvel's Moon Knight Disney+ Series Recruits James Bond's No Time To Die Stunt Coordinator

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What makes Moon Knight such an interesting, upcoming project is that it will be Marvel Studios' first true foray into mental health, where the topic takes center stage. One could argue that Jessica Jones did it first, and even The Falcon and the Winter Soldier touched upon mental health with Bucky—but neither hold a candle to what a character such as Moon Knight entails. 

With Moon Knight, Marc Spector has Dissociative Identity Disorder. This leads the character to have four distinct personalities, all with their own perspectives. It makes for some thrillingly insane stories that have the audience questioning everything—just like its lead character. It also provides a perfect and unique exploration of mental illness and the struggles that some people are faced with. 

Moon Knight doesn't have a release date yet, but everything seems to be pointing to 2022. In fact, despite there being no official word on the start of production, there are plenty of signs that it is already underway

Now, it seems fans may have another indication of production starting as the stunt coordinator for the series has been announced...


Moon Knight Oscar Isaac

According to The Ronin, the stunt coordinator from the upcoming James Bond film No Time To Die, Olivier Schneider, has been recruited for Marvel's Disney+ Series Moon Knight.

Other credits of his include Fast & Furious 6, the first Taken film, and previous James Bond film Spectre.

His involvement isn't too much of a surprise, at least when it comes to being on a Marvel project. Recently Schneider has been hinting at something in the works for a while now, as seen in the below Instagram post:



While the exploration of mental health is certainly a key part of Marc Spector as a character, his Moon Knight persona is very much prone to action-packed scenes. Fans can probably expect some insane action sequences, maybe even akin to Netflix's Daredevil. Even Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, is excited to have a good ol' action hero added into the mix.

If fans needed any more proof on how serious Marvel seems to be when it comes to Spector's adventures of insanity, take one look at Oscar Isaac's training videos. After showing signs of wanting to distance himself from Marvel, Isaac seems to have come around and really set his focus on bringing Marc Spector to life

Moon Knight will also be one of many new heroes being added into the MCU during Marvel's Phase 4. He will be joining the likes of Ms. Marvel, Kate Bishop, She-Hulk, and Spectrum as the roster of the MCU expands to new heights.

The bigger question, is how will Marc Spector factor into the bigger picture? Fans will find out when Moon Knight inevitably starts streaming on Disney+.

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