Watch: Oscar Issac Trains For Marvel's Moon Knight Role

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Oscar Isaac with Moon Knight

Moon Knight is one of several upcoming Disney+ series' in development at Marvel Studios that will introduce brand-new heroes to the universe. The project is set to star Oscar Isaac as the titular character with Ethan Hawke on board in a villainous role .

Little is known about the Disney+ series as of now, but casting is currently underway for several side characters . With Moon Knight seemingly set for a 2022 debut , filming is believed to be beginning very soon .

A video shared by the lead actor on his production company's Instagram page has teased preparations for filming, as Isaac is shown to be taking on martial arts training for the role.


Oscar Issac's production company Mad Gene Media has shared a video on Instagram of the actor in combat training for the upcoming Moon Knight Disney+ series.

The newly-founded company's post was accompanied by the caption “currently out of the office,” with “#TheOneYouSeeComing,” a reference to a Moon Knight quote from Warren Ellis' 2014 comic run.


It has previously been reported Moon Knight is set to begin production this month in Budapest, Hungary . With production potentially under two weeks from the beginning — unless it has been delayed — it's not surprising to see Issac preparing to become Marc Spector.

Moon Knight is made unique by the many personalities he uses to fight crime under, due to his mental illness . The Ellis comic run referenced by Isaac featured three of the hero's personas, with the quote used coming from Mr. Knight, a white-suited businessman with a mask.

With little details known about the upcoming series, it's hard to speculate as to if Ellis' six-issue storyline will have any influence on the Disney+ storyline, or if Issac simply picked a quote at random. If the Oscar Isaac-led series does choose to take elements from the comic run, it's extremely plausible Mr. Knight could be one of the personas featured in the first season.

With Moon Knight potentially set to begin production within the next week or so, it's possible more details will become clear soon as set videos and photos start to surface online. The series is set to premiere in 2022, exclusively on Disney+ .

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