Sebastian Stan Shares Excitement For Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight

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Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight, Sebastian Stan from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

With The Falcon and the Winter Soldier extremely close to its March 19 debut on Disney+, press and early previews for the upcoming series have started to ramp up significantly.

Early reactions for the show are overwhelmingly positive, with the season premiere set to be an exciting entry point for the series. With such a strong start, perhaps this is an opportunity for subsequent seasons down the road. While nothing is confirmed yet, director Kari Skogland stated that “there [are] always more stories to explore” for Sam and Bucky.

There are, of course, lofty expectations following the runaway success of previous MCU series WandaVision, but Skogland noted that the two shows are "very different." As with all Marvel projects though, there will be plenty of surprises at every turn, particularly in the show's Easter eggs.

With a recent press event for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier having recently concluded, one of the show's lead actors revealed who he is most excited for in the MCU going forward...


During The Falcon and the Winter Soldier press conference, Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan was asked which new MCU characters he was most excited to see and potentially share the screen with.

The actor started off with a character he found "really, really, really cool," who he misremembered at first as "Knight Moon" before quickly and confidently correcting himself by exclaiming "Moon Knight!" In doing so, Stan reconfirmed that the character would be played by Oscar Isaac.

After a brief bit of banter of Stan's blunder, the Winter Soldier star said he "heard that story and thought it was going to be amazing." It is unclear whether Sebastian Stan was referring to the news story about Oscar Isaac's casting or the plot of the series.


This seems to be another instance of Oscar Isaac being officially confirmed to be attached to the character, though Stan's wording could be interpreted as him merely seeing the original story about Isaac being in talks for it. The show's cinematographer Gregory Middleton previously revealed that Isaac was involved, following the original Deadline report. While it is still possible that the casting is still up in the air, it is safe to assume that Oscar Isaac is locked into the role. 

Stan's use of the term "story" could also be interpreted further, possibly alluding to the narrative of Moon Knight. While it is unknown how far into development the Disney+ series is, there is always the chance that Stan may have caught wind of potential plot details. If this is the case, it should bode well for how Moon Knight will play out.

Moon Knight is certainly an interesting choice for Sebastian Stan to want to star alongside. The two characters are not known to be frequent allies in the comics, but Marc Spector's introduction into the MCU could change this. It seems that Stan's excitement was mainly derived from Oscar Isaac's particular involvement though, which could lead to an excellent display of masterclass performances between the two.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrives on Disney+ on March 19, 2021.

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March 19, 2021
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