Marvel Rumor Reveals How Violent Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight Show Will Be

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Moon Knight

Moon Knight is set to hit Disney+ in early 2022 and will introduce fans to Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector, also known as the hero Moon Knight. The Batman-like character is known for his brutality toward his foes, and fans who watched the official first look of the show that was revealed on Disney+ Day got a taste of just how violent the series could potentially be.

Along with Isaac, veteran actor Ethan Hawke, known for his roles in Training Day and Before Sunrise, has also been officially cast in the series. Neither the character he will be portraying or the extent of his role has been revealed, but it has been confirmed that he will be Moon Knight's main antagonist.

Moon Knight officially finished filming in early October, suggesting that the show may serve as Marvel Studios' first Disney+ series in 2022. Isaac also revealed that the workload he had was greater than any project he has ever done, but also that he "could not wait to get to set."

The footage from Moon Knight that was released on Disney+ Day featured a short sequence of Marc Spector in full Moon Knight attire kneeling over someone and repeatedly punching them. The Fist of Khonshu has built a reputation throughout comic history as being one of the most violent heroes, or anti-heroes, ever seen, and the quick glimpse of the action in the show seems to suggest that his knack for brutality will carry over into the series.

Will Disney+'s Moon Knight Be Violent?

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac

KC Walsh, the editor-in-chief for Geeks Worldwide, recently appeared on the Change My Mind podcast to talk about the MCU's latest rumor mill, including rumors surrounding Moon Knight.

Walsh touched on just how brutal the Disney+ series will actually be, using the phrases "dark" and "hyper-violent," and saying that most of the violence would be from Marc Spector and the Egyptian god Khonshu. The scooper also touched on the antagonist that Ethan Hawke could be portraying:

"Moon Knight is going to be this dark, violent, hyper-violent series where basically Marc Spector and the Egyptian god, Khonshu, and again, this is part of the series of 'is this real or is he going insane.' But, him and Khonshu are basically going around and taking out other people who have been inhabited by Egyptian gods. So, that meaning the main villain is going to be Sun King, who is more than likely Ethan Hawke."

Walsh also included that he "was told there was blood," and also that he believes "it's going to be the most brutal" series yet, even comparing it to the famous John Walker scene in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier where he used the Captain America shield to brutally murder a Flag Smasher:

"I was told that there was blood. Like, they would be showing blood. I definitely think it's going to be the most brutal. Even with things like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I imagine it's going to be very much on the same line as the John Walker episode where he decapitated that guy.

The scooper ended by talking about the violent nature of the character, and how he's "not a guy to shy away from" violence, while also agreeing with one of the podcast hosts that viewers "can't rule out decapitation:"

I don't think he's going to be going around decapitating people, but Marc Spector's not a guy to shy away from beating you... I think we see that in the trailer, right? We see him in the bathroom, everything's shattered, there's blood on the wall and he's just pounding that guy's face in."

The Most Violent Marvel Project Yet?

As time has passed, comic book movies and shows have gotten more and more violent - some even to the point where they have earned an R-rating or TV-MA rating, such as Zack Snyder's Justice League and DC's Titans.

Due to Marc Spector's brutal comic history, and the fact that he is known for being mentally unstable, it is safe to assume that Walsh is right and that Moon Knight could very well be the most violent MCU project to date. Marvel Studios always tries to stay true to the history of the characters that they put on-screen, and violence is such a major component of what makes Moon Knight so interesting.

Fans are lucky because it seems as though this question will be answered sooner rather than later, as the series is on pace to be released sometime in early 2022, most likely debuting in either February or March. More than anything, it will be extremely exciting to see Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke making their MCU debuts, and expand the Marvel lore even further, as Phase 4 has already done.

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