Marvel's Kevin Feige & Co. Share Thanks to Moon Knight Crew as Disney+ Show Wraps

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Moon Knight MCU Oscar Isaac

Marvel Studios' new venture into storytelling on Disney+ is already a wild success before its first year comes to an end. House of Mouse has already released just about four full projects with a fifth on the way in November. Almost every entry has topped the viewing charts upon its debut or comes close to doing so, and each has added a new flavor to the MCU's smorgasbord of delicious content.

Early 2022 will continue this trend with shows like Moon Knight, with Disney+ serving as the venue for brand-new heroes to take the spotlight in their own solo adventures.

With Oscar Isaac taking his talents from Lucasfilm to the MCU, the star will add to his growing resume of characters with deep mental struggles as Marc Spector works through his issues with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Mix that in with action reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movies and a hint of the supernatural, and the stage is set for one of Marvel's most unique outings to date.

Although Moon Knight's release date is still unknown, fans have gotten small glimpses of what's coming through leaked set pictures and social media posts. Now, exciting news is teasing just how much more work the show has to complete in front of the camera.

Moon Knight Wraps Shooting Overseas

Moon Knight Crew Gift

Reddit user u/bellomoto shared a video from one of the crew members on Moon Knight, which confirmed that filming is officially complete in Budapest.

The 13-second clip showed the crew member's hotel room, which included a gift on the bed. Along with the gift was a thank you note to the Moon Knight production team from Marvel producers such as Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, Victoria Alonso, and more:

"We are incredibly thankful for your contributions and continue efforts on Moon Knight. Everyone is looking forward to the exciting debut of this series and that is in part to your amazing work.

Thank you.


Kevin, Louis, Victoria, Brad, Grant, Trevor, Tommy, and your Marvel Studios Family."

The Sun Setting on Moon Knight Production

While this seemingly confirms that Marvel Studios is returning home after a long stay in Budapest, there may be some more work that still needs to be done at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, GA. Nevertheless, the team is making impressive headway on Marc Spector's first solo adventure before its arrival next year.

With so much progress made on filming, the hard work now begins in the editing room with post-production and VFX, which Moon Knight will certainly utilize to its full potential. Considering how much intense action stars like Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke had to film as their respective characters, the behind-the-scenes team will have plenty of material to sift through as the on-screen material comes together.

Moon Knight is still shrouded in a great deal of mystery, especially with rumors describing the hero's highly-anticipated costume and yet another new dimension of the MCU's narrative coming into play. With a huge chunk of filming now in the rear-view mirror, the anticipation keeps building as fans wait to find out more concrete details.

Moon Knight is scheduled to release on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

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