Moon Knight Crew Celebrates Wrap on Oscar Isaac's Disney+ Show

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Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac

Marvel Studios is deep into preparation for more than a dozen new entries coming in 2022, one of these being Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight coming to Disney+. After opening the multiverse coming in projects like the Spider-Man and Doctor Strange sequels, the MCU will take one of its first true steps toward the supernatural with this ambitious series.

Bringing a new kind of representation with the MCU’s first Jewish hero, Marc Spector will have the opportunity to show off his full power while exploring the many sides of his personality as well. Already with teases pointing to thrilling action sequences alongside an emotional path of self-discovery, Marvel appears to be bringing yet another uniquely special tale into the ever-growing narrative.

Although the series is set for an undisclosed release sometime in 2022, fans and media have kept up closely with filming for the show as more information reveals itself regularly. Now, a new update from the set confirms an exciting milestone for the new Disney+ entry.

Another MCU Crew Member Wraps Filming

Makeup artist Donald Mowat took to Instagram to share that to celebrate his wrap on Marvel Studios' Moon Knight, indicating that he has finished his work on the Disney+ series. 

The crew member posted an image of himself at the bottom of a canyon while confirming the show's filming status and thanking his fellow crewmates for the experience, also tagging leading actor Oscar Isaac:

That’s a wrap. “Cheers thanks a lot” to all our main and second unit team and cast. Oscar Isaac, May Calamawy. #moonknight #castandcrew

Donald Mowat Instagram Moon Knight


Oscar Isaac Series Close To Finishing Filming

With 2022 fast approaching, Marvel Studios is working diligently to get Moon Knight ready for its highly-anticipated premiere.

Mowat's post only means that he personally is finished with his time on the show's set, although it doesn't necessarily mean that the series is completely finished with its work in front of the cameras. Moon Knight has about five months of filming under its belt thus far, although it's likely that Marvel and the team are close to finishing this endeavor with only three months left in the year.

As fans patiently wait for an official release date, the team of VFX artists and editors behind the scenes are now preparing for their hard work in making the show look the best it possibly can. Moon Knight will likely be second in line for its Disney+ debut after Iman Vellani's Ms. Marvel, but the hype is building as fans look forward to this long-awaited arrival.

Moon Knight is currently filming and will release on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

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