Marvel Reveals New Details on Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight Origin Story

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Marvel Studios is less than two months away from making history once again. For the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's streaming era, a new hero will debut in their own self-titled series without ever being teased, referenced, or included in a previous movie or show. This rookie is Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight, a cloaked crusader that deals with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Isaac will make his first appearance as the future Midnight Son in Disney+'s Moon Knight next month.

The first MCU project of 2022 has already begun its marketing campaign, unveiling a sizable teaser trailer in late January. Aside from a brief glimpse at antagonist Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke, the first Moon Knight footage does not reveal much about the show's plot.

While the teaser is mostly a collection of confusion, it does name drop two of Isaac's alter egos: Steven Grant and Marc Spector. That said, Moon Knight's teaser did not expand upon the significance of what these particular identities mean.

Moon Knight's Multiple Personas Clarified

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac

Steven Grant can't tell the difference between his waking life and dreams, but a new report offers some clarity.

As discovered and translated by The Cosmic Circus, Disney Latino revealed new details about Moon Knight's leading man and the multiple personalities behind him. The report confirms Oscar Isaac's character suffers from "Dissociative Identity Disorder" which blossoms within him after he begins having "flashes from another life."

As referred to in the initial trailer, Isaac's main identity appears to be Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift shop employee. Also within Grant is Marc Spector, an "ex-soldier, ex-CIA agent, and mercenary" who is "abandoned by his companions during a mission" in Egypt.

Moon Knight Khonshu Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Spector is saved by the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu, who bestows him with mystical powers. While he is already a "talented combat strategist" with expertise on a "wide variety of weapons," Khonshu's blessings heighten his abilities to that of an "Olympic-level athlete."

With these new abilities spread across multiple identities, Steven Grant and Marc Spector must balance their "inner contradictions while facing new enemies that test their powers."

Will The Real Moon Knight Please Stand Up?

Oscar Isaac is no stranger to crazy, but Moon Knight promises to take his Ex Machina temperament to another level.

The biggest reveal within this report surrounds that of Marc Spector. In the comics, Spector is the primary alter ego of Moon Knight. The prevalence of Steven Grant in the initial trailer took many by surprise, especially considering Grant is a millionaire movie producer on the page instead of a gift shop employee.

Based on the trailer footage and this information, Moon Knight seems poised to make Spector the main identity but is electing to tell his story in a backwards fashion. Rather than open with the mercenary's Egyptian mission, Moon Knight will likely follow Grant's calm life before infusing the narrative with flashbacks to Spector's interactions with Khonshu.

Much like a certain Super Soldier he shares a first name with, Steven Grant's transformation into Moon Knight appears to be a perfect match scenario. Just as Steve Rogers' "good man" mindset allowed him to incorruptibly reap the rewards of the Super Soldier Serum, Spector's prior abilities as a mercenary are simply amplified by Khonshu's blessings.

Moon Knight begins streaming on March 30, exclusively on Disney+.

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