Moon Knight Designer Reveals Final Jake Lockley Easter Egg (Photo)

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Moon Knight Jake Lockley Costume

Moon Knight may have finished up its six-episode run on Disney+, but that does not mean its time in the spotlight is over just yet. The Oscar Isaac-led MCU project saw the actor take on more than one starring role as he played a Marvel hero dealing with Disassociative Identity Disorder. The first two of these personalities, Steven Grant and Marc Spector, took up much of Isaac's screentime throughout the series.

Grant, a shy museum worker in London, came to realize he was merely the creation of Spector, a mercenary who viewers came to find out had quite a tragic past. But it was the third persona in this mythology-doused Marvel epic that got the last laugh. 

In the series' post-credits scene, Jack Lockley made himself known. This third side to Isaac's Marvel hero was revealed to be even more brutal than the other two, continuing his work as an avatar for the Egyptian god Khonshu, while Spector and Grant had renounced the deity's stranglehold. 

Despite Lockley's relatively short appearance in Moon Knight, it was riddled with all sorts of Easter Eggs and hidden details, and the first of these nuggets have begun to make themselves known.

Easter Eggs Hunting with Jake Lockley

On her Instagram page, Moon Knight costume designer Meghan Kasperlik revealed some hidden details on Jake Lockley's costume in the Disney+ series. 

Jake Lockley Moon Knight

In the post she specifically calls out the collar on Oscar Isaac's character, mentioning that to honor the actor's Guatemalan heritage she incorporated "Mayan symbols mixed with ancient Egyptian." These symbols make up various "important dates to the MCU and to Oscar:"

"It’s all in the details! I knew the reveal of Jake Lockley needed to catch the audience eye and i wanted Jake to have a silhouette similar to the comic, with details to discuss. Here is the explanation of the collar. It was discussed that Jake would give his lines in Spanish. Being that Oscar is Guatemalan, and had given a performance like no other, I wanted to add a detail from his heritage to honor Oscar. I took the Mayan calendar symbols and throughout the collar there are Mayan symbols mixed with ancient Egyptian symbols to create a design to showcase the hold Khonshu has on these characters. I wanted to incorporate important dates to the MCU and to Oscar into the design, hence using the Mayan calendar symbols (similar to if I used astrological signs) to add a little Easter egg in the end."

Moon Knight Symbols

The five dates mixed into the design include tributes to Khonshu, Oscar Isaac, and the titular Moon Knight:

"1. Khonshu’s Egyptian symbol
2. Mayan calendar date of the first Marvel issue we meet Moon Knight- Werewolf by Night #32, Aug 1975
3. Oscar’s birthdate shown as Mayan Calendar symbol.
4. Michael Hernandez, Oscar’s brother, who was Oscar’s twinning partner and acting double on Moon Knight, Michael’s Mayan calendar birthdate.
5. Ancient Egyptian symbols used throughout the show."

Moon Knight Jake Lockley 3


A Treasure Worthy of Moon Knight

Details such as this show just how much fun the behind the camera crews have on these Marvel projects. This costume was seen for just a split second, yet so many hidden details are splayed across it. Usually, these MCU outfits are something fans admire, but this is on a whole new level.

And not only are there Easter Eggs pertaining to Moon Knight himself, but also the man bringing the hero to life. Alongside a shutout to Khonshu and Moon Knight's comic debut are Oscar Isaac's birthday as well as a tribute to Isaac's brother/acting double on the show. 

It is just a shame that fans only got to see it for such a brief period of time. But surely this will not be the last of Jake Lockley audiences see, so perhaps there will be even more time to pour over these costume details sometime in the near future. 

Moon Knight can be streamed in its entirety now on Disney+ +. 

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