MCU Producer Confirms Key Change for Moon Knight's Next Appearance

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Marvel Studios' Moon Knight was an MCU project like no other. While it's true that the hero had an impressive costume and possessed unique abilities, Moon Knight was a complex character study first and foremost, and masterfully performed by Oscar Isaac. But even though Moon Knight had few connections to the hero's Marvel counterparts, it's unlikely to stay that way for long. 

In addition to rumors of a second season for the series, fans are already speculating about future Moon Knight crossovers and where and when the character may appear next. There's also an interest in seeing more of both Moon Knight and Mr. Knight's skills and abilities in action, as some fans felt more action was needed in the series itself

Apparently, this is something Moon Knight's own producer wants as well, as the character has a "whole bag of tricks" the team didn't get to during the character's MCU debut on Disney+.

Marvel Producer Talks Moon Knight's Future Arsenal

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac

In an interview with Phaze Zero, Moon Knight executive producer Grant Curtis broke down the character's "healing factor" before teasing abilities fans might see in the future:

“He’s got it going on in this series. He’s got a healing factor. He bounces back when he gets shot or stabbed, he heals. He doesn’t heal right away, he’s not immortal. If you get him the right way, he’s gonna go down for good, but thankfully in our show, he got back up. He can glide, he’s stronger than most people, he’s faster. So it’s a little bit like a super soldier, like my pal, the Green Goblin from Spidey 1. Not quite the same thing but… a little stronger, a little faster, heals, glides, kicks ass, takes name. The usual.”

While Moon Knight's skill set was on full display in the season finale, his ability to heal was shown earlier in Episode 3 after having been stabbed by Anton Mogart's henchmen. 

As to the Green Goblin reference, it's worth noting that Willem Dafoe's Gobby is, in fact, a "pal" of Curtis', as the producer worked with director Sam Raimi on the original Spider-Man trilogy, as well as his Drag Me to Hell, Oz the Great and Powerful, and The Gift

And, like Goblin, Moon Knight has an arsenal of gadgets in the comics that fans may see him utilize in the future, as Curtis admitted that the team "just scratched the surface with his crescent darts and the truncheons," while also promising that Moon Knight "will have a new tool chest" when he appears next in the MCU:

“Man, I hope so. There’s so much groovy stuff out there. We just scratched the surface with the crescent darts and the truncheons and all that… He’s got a whole bag of tricks that we didn’t even get into. So yeah, I’d say when and if and where this character lands, he’ll have a new tool chest.”

Has Marvel Always Been Confident About Moon Knight?

As Moon Knight fans anticipate the character's future crossovers, it's worth noting that Marvel fans are already watching a behind-the-scenes style crossover in terms of Marvel creatives. 

Not only did Spider-Man: No Way Home usher the cast of two different Spider-Man franchises into the MCU, but original Spider-Man director Sam Raimi and producer Grant Curtis have also crossed over as well, with Raimi directing Doctor Strange 2 and Curtis producing Moon Knight for Disney+. 

The fact that Curtis mentioned both super soldiers and Green Goblin in the same sentence is further evidence of how the two comic book franchises have merged. 

As for Moon Knight, learning just what his abilities - and limitations - are is something fans have been curious about. Usually, what a Marvel hero can do is spelled out relatively early. However, in Moon Knight, the audience was intentionally kept in the dark to discover things along the way, just like the personality of Steven Grant

Now knowing that he's not immortal, even while wearing the suit, is particularly important and will likely be explored in the character's future appearances.

Curtis's reference to Moon Knight's "bag of tricks" is also noteworthy, as it implies the show's creatives deliberately held back on his tools and gadgets, knowing there would probably be additional opportunities to dig into that following his Disney+ series. 

Even though Moon Knight's future has yet to be confirmed, the future looks bright for Marvel Studios' newest hero, and it certainly sounds like fans will have a more polished and upgraded hero/heroes to look forward to.

All six episodes of Moon Knight are available to stream on Disney+.

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