Do You Need to Watch Marvel Movies Before Moon Knight? MCU Producer Responds

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After more than three months away from the spotlight, Marvel Studios is officially back in the game with its first project of 2022: Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight. This series breaks new ground on various levels, extending far beyond being one of the MCU's first dives into supernatural adventures. The show is the first on Disney+ to introduce an entirely new character that didn't premiere first in a movie from Phases 1-4.

Moon Knight made its mark quickly amongst its MCU peers by bringing a more mature tone and leaving plenty of mysteries left unsolved after its first episode arrived. Isaac's leading hero still has a long way to go until he reaches his full potential, particularly with his ties to other classic Marvel teams, but the stage is set for a wild adventure right from the get-go.

One major topic of conversation - and some confusion - among fans throughout Moon Knight's promotional run has been the hero's eventual immersion into the larger MCU, which won't be fully explored until after its first season on Disney+.

Thankfully, according to one of Moon Knight's producers, this allows an easy entry point for Marvel Studios fans of all levels.

What to Watch in the MCU Before Moon Knight?

Moon Knight

ScreenRant spoke with Moon Knight producer Grant Curtis about what other MCU projects Marvel fans should watch before diving into the newest Disney+ series.

Curtis revealed that fans don't have to be Moon Knight experts ahead of watching the show or even experts about anything in the MCU released previously. As long as people are "(fans) of really good storytelling," there will be something to enjoy in the show for all kinds of fans:

"Well, here's the great thing about the Moon Knight series we made. It's definitely in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but whether you have seen all of the other Marvel Cinematic Universe offerings or this is your first deep dive, as long as you're a fan of really good storytelling, I think you're going to find an aspect of Moon Knight for you. You don't need to have that previous knowledge."

While Curtis acknowledged the MCU Easter eggs that the team laid throughout the plot, he sees Moon Knight as a show that viewers will enjoy if it's their "first dive into the MCU" as well:

"Accessible indeed. I do think, if you're a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you will see those Easter eggs that we've peppered throughout this. And I think you'll get a kick out of them. But again, if this is your first dive into the MCU, I think this globetrotting action-adventure that we take Marc Spector and Steven Grant on, I think you're going to enjoy it."

Moon Knight Standing on Its Own

Much has been made about Moon Knight's lack of concrete ties to the larger MCU, especially considering this is the first time fans have seen its leading hero in any MCU medium. However, according to Curtis, this also makes the series a fantastic entry point for fans who haven't followed the story for the past 14 years and want a new character to dive into.

Coming in as arguably the most stand-alone project since 2008's Iron Man, the Moon Knight team is largely focused on making sure the show tells the best story that it can. Oscar Isaac will likely be around as Marc Spector and Steven Grant for the foreseeable future, meaning that there is plenty of time to throw him into the fray with other heroes after he's more developed in his own right.

This isn't to say that Moon Knight is devoid of its MCU ties, especially with an Easter egg from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier already confirmed and rumors pointing to Mark Ruffalo appearing as the Hulk. In the end, this is what makes the series stand out from many of its peers as it's an easy entry for fans of all levels, giving an equally valuable experience all-around.

The first episode of Moon Knight is available to stream on Disney+.

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