Oscar Isaac Teases How Moon Knight Ends

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Moon Knight with The Avengers and Midnight Sons

Marvel Studios' first piece of 2022 content is about to hit the screen with Moon Knight on Disney+. The series already has the critics raving thanks to its more mature tone and intriguing perspective on mental health, with particular praise being passed onto Oscar Isaac for his portrayal of Moon Knight, a character who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. 

Alongside a deep dive into the character's mental health struggles, Moon Knight is set to enter the supernatural world of Egyptian mythology, with the titular character's powers stemming from his connection to the Moon God, Khonshu. While the world of god-like beings is no stranger to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's still unclear just how interconnected Moon Knight will be to the rest of the wider narrative. 

Previous Disney+ series like WandaVision and Hawkeye have provided deeper stories for existing characters, but Moon Knight is an origin story for a fresh face in the MCU. Will the series end in a place that could allow for a future Marvel crossover? Oscar Isaac revealed his thoughts in a recent interview.

Oscar Isaac Talks The Ending of Moon Knight

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac

In an interview with GamesRadar, Oscar Isaac teased what little he could about the ending of Moon Knight, as well as where the character might go in the future.

When asked about "the way that the series ends," Isaac responded that, thematically, the show tries to "map out the journey of integration" of one's mentality and experiences. This is where his character's "real strength" will come from by its conclusion, according to Isaac:

"I wouldn't want to spoil anything, but what I can say is that what we really tried to do is map out the journey of integration and then how that is a step in healing from trauma, and that the real superpower that this character, or these characters, have is their experiences. And when those things can be integrated, as opposed to pushed away, that's where real strength comes from."

The actor dodged questions about Moon Knight's potential integration with future MCU projects, saying that he doesn't know "how that character operates in that world":

"I didn't look at my contract [laughs]. I mean, I don't know. For me, it's such a point of view character that seeing him in something that was a bigger point of view, I don't know how that character operates in that world."

However, Isaac did point to Moon Knight's comic book history as part of the "supernatural Avengers", aka the Midnight Sons, as an area of interest:

I mean, maybe. Obviously, there's the Midnight Sons comic book, which is the kind of supernatural Avengers with Blade and Ghost Rider and Punisher. The idea is really interesting, but it would have to be like, is there something interesting to tell about this character in that world?

What's Next For Moon Knight?

Seeing as the first episode of Moon Knight hasn't even hit screens yet, it's still a bit early to speculate where the character could end up. But like everything with the MCU, there's surely a plan. 

Isaac's comments about the end of the series being a journey to "integration" seem logical, seeing as a large part of the show appears to be focused on the struggle between his dual personalities of Steven Grant and Marc Spector. As for where the character goes from there, the door remains open.

Ethan Hawke, who plays Arthur Harrow in the series, said that Moon Knight could be seen as a limited series but also leaves things open for another season. If not a Season 2, there are still plenty of places that Moon Knight could show up within the MCU.

The Midnight Sons idea holds promise, particularly now that Mahershala Ali's Blade has entered the MCU. The Punisher series also just made the jump from Netflix to Disney+, opening up that character to Marvel Studios once again. Should Marvel want to go down the route of a supernatural Avengers team like the Midnight Sons, many of the pieces have already fallen into place. 

Moon Knight debuts on Disney+ on March 30.

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