Moon Knight Writer Reveals Hopes for Oscar Isaac’s Avengers Crossover

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Moon Knight is set to take the spotlight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it premieres on Disney+ this March. The upcoming Marvel series will feature the debut of Oscar Isaac's titular anti-hero, a fresh new character that will bulk up the roster of the franchise's long list of heroes. The show follows the origin story of Steven Grant as he learns the different identities present within himself, such as former mercenary Marc Spector, the detective alter-ego Mr. Knight, and the rogue vigilante Moon Knight. 

Given that the show is set in the MCU, many fans are wondering if there will be Easter eggs that directly tie to the major in-universe events of the franchise.

So far, promotional footage for Moon Knight has mainly focused on educating viewers about the mysterious backstory of the character, his connections to the Egyptian God Khonshu, and his upcoming showdown with Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow. This is a given since marketing is trying to establish that a good chunk of the series will flesh out the titular hero's complex backstory and thrilling encounters.  

Now, the show's head writer addressed the potential connection of Steven Grant to the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Will Moon Knight Join the Avengers?

Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater sat down with Total Film, via Gamesradar, to talk about the show's connection to the wider MCU. 

When asked if the show would serve as the launchpad for a much larger crossover with the MCU, Slater admitted that he doesn't know the character's future. If it is up to him, The Umbrella Academy scribe pointed out that he would love to see Moon Knight become a member of the Avengers in the future: 

“The honest answer is I don’t know. Because [Marvel boss] Kevin [Feige] is the guy who decides all that stuff. Look, if it was up to me, he would be part of the Avengers. It’s absolutely not up to me, but I think that is the goal!”

Meanwhile, Mohamed Diab, one of Moon Knight's directors, shared more details about the series, saying that the cast and crew "did a huge show in a very intimate way" while also proclaiming that he's proud of what they've done: 

"We did a huge show in a very intimate way, in a way that really feels personal. I’m so proud of that.”

Alongside the reveals, an official new still from Moon Knight showcased a special look at Oscar Isaac's Steven Grant: 

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, Moon Knight
Total Film


Marc Spector's Moon Knight Alongside the Avengers

Jeremy Slater's latest comment should serve as a hint that Moon Knight could end up joining the Avengers in the future, but it seems that it will all depend on timing and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige's plan for the hero. 

In Marvel Comics, Moon Knight is a member of several Avengers teams, such as the West Coast Avengers and the Secret Avengers. The character's comics history suggests that Oscar Isaac's live-action version will have the same tenure alongside the new and old heroes of the MCU. 

The six-episode run of the Disney+ series could entirely focus on establishing Isaac's origin as a superhero while also trying to strike a balance with the different personalities involved. It's possible that Moon Knight's post-credits scene could set up his MCU future either by an appearance from a current member of the Avengers, or he could be made aware of new threats such as Hawkeye's Kingpin. 

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings had the same narrative trajectory for Simu Liu's titular hero, with the entire runtime focusing on his hero's journey before introducing him and Awkwafina's Katy to the "circus" by Wong, Bruce Banner, and Carol Danvers

While Isaac admitted that he's unsure about his Marvel future, it's safe to assume that it's only a matter of time before Marc Spector (or Steven Grant) butts heads with the rest of the Avengers, thus adding more muscle to its already-stacked roster. 

Moon Knight is set to premiere on Disney+ on March 30, 2022. 

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