Disney+ Just Changed Moon Knight's TV Rating to Be More Mature

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Moon Knight rating Disney Plus

This March has seen the greatest push for an adult MCU yet as the Netflix series - including Daredevil, The Punisher, and more - made the jump to Disney+. As the month comes to an end, Disney+ will premiere Moon Knight starring Oscar Issac, which despite being described as PG-13, looks to be showing signs of being more mature than anything Marvel Studios has released to date.

Moon Knight has long been described as the MCU's most mature, violent, and dark outing yet. Diving headfirst into themes of mental illness and ancient mythology with plenty of scary monsters along the way, the series looks to be abandoning all the classic MCU stereotypes in favor of a dark and gritty adaptation of the Fist of Vengeance.

There are many differences in Disney+ among regions, for example, some parts of the world have drastically different content to others. But one area that sets the U.K. apart from most other territories is its unique rating system that includes 0+, 6+, 9+, 12+, 14+, 16+, and 18+.

While "The Defenders Saga" series were labeled as 18-rated on Netflix, most dropped to 16+ on the move to Disney+, except for Daredevil which holds its 18+ classification. As Moon Knight nears its release, the Disney-owned service has similarly increased the rating for the series, making it Marvel Studios' most adult venture yet.

Moon Knight Updates to More Mature Age Rating

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac

Ahead of the Moon Knight series premiere, Disney+ U.K. updated the rating of the Oscar Isaac-starring Marvel series to a more mature 16+ age rating. Moon Knight was previously listed with a 12+ rating in the U.K. at the start of March.

The update puts the series' U.K. maturity rating on par with The PunisherJessica Jones, and the other former Marvel Netflix shows - excluding Daredevil, which remains 18+.

Moon Knight currently remains listed with a TV-14 rating in the U.S.

Special thanks to The Direct reader Jude Rae for sharing this update with us.

Is Moon Knight the MCU's First Adult Outing?

All signs are pointing to Moon Knight being the most adult entry in the MCU yet, and rightfully so given the dark and twisted nature of the character. Despite this, the writers are insistent that the series will still be friendly for younger audiences, but given the evidence of some more mature themes, parents may wish to enjoy this one with their kids.

Given the move to a 16+ rating in the U.K., while the U.S. holds onto the TV-14 rating, Moon Knight will likely be best suited to those in mid-teens and above. It isn't uncommon for the British to position its age rating slightly above that of the United States, The Batman maintained a PG-13 classification but jumped up to a 15 across the pond.

Disney has demonstrated a great increase in interest in more mature content in recent months. This month alone, "The Defenders Saga" jumped to Disney+Moon Knight raised its age rating, and Deadpool 3 saw its most promising developments yet.

Older audiences ought to be thrilled to see Marvel Studios beginning to show a raised interest in more adult content, after all the comic book world is packed with scandalous adult content. 

Just how far Moon Knight pushes the boundaries of its new rating will be revealed when the series premieres on March 30, 2022, exclusively on Disney+.

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