Moon Knight TV Reviews: What Are Critics’ First Reactions?

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The MCU content machine may have slowed to start 2022, but things are just about to pick back up for the biggest franchise in Hollywood. Leading things off for Marvel Studios in just a few weeks is Moon Knight. The Disney+ series stars Oscar Isaac and will serve as the introduction for many fans to one of Marvel's darkest and most troubled heroes. 

The series follows Mark Spector (Oscar Isaac) as he grapples with a dissociative identity disorder. The ailment causes Issac's hero to jump between different identities, as he is drawn into a mystery involving Egyptian Gods.

Moon Knight has been long-gestating with its cast eager to finally share what they have in store. Well, now just mere weeks out from the show's premiere, fans are getting their first opportunity to read about how well the project came together. 

First Reactions to Moon Knight Are In

Moon Knight

Ahead of Moon Knight's March 30 premiere, members of the press released their reactions to the first four episodes of the MCU series. 

Sab Astely of Collider called the project a "brilliantly bonkers dark globe-trotting adventure," comparing it to the hit Nicolas Cage film National Treasure:

"Moon Knight is a brilliantly bonkers dark globe-trotting adventure; this is Marvel's trippy National Treasure. Oscar Isaac is the best addition to the MCU since RDJ, entwining torment and humour into a morally ambiguous cypher - Marc Spector is a whole new calibre of hero."

Thomas Storaï from Future of the Force said "Oscar Isaac delivers a mesmerizing performance" in the series, adding that it feels like a "psychological thriller with a touch of Indiana Jones:"

"I’ve watched the first 4 episodes of Moon Knight, it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before from the MCU. It’s a psychological thriller with a touch of Indiana Jones, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. And Oscar Isaac delivers a mesmerizing performance."

What's on Disney Plus called the show "excellent" while praising Isaac's "fantastic" performance:

"I've watched the first 4 episodes of Marvel Moon Knight & it's unlike anything we've seen in the MCU - Oscar Issac is Fantastic! I can't wait to watch the rest of the series. This isn't your typical superhero origin. It's Excellent! It arrives on Disney Plus on March 30th"

StreamrMo from Streamrnews made reference to the show's uniqueness among its MCU counterparts, mentioning that in the first four episodes he "only found one single reference to the MCU at large:"

"The series feels completely different to anything the MCU has ever done before. I'll get more into it in the review but, in the four episodes I watched, I think I only found one single reference to the MCU at large."

The praise doesn't stop there, as TechRadar's Tom Power said this is "the best MCU TV show ever:"

Full thoughts to come in my Moon Knight review (when? very soon) but I will say this: It's unlike anything you've seen from Marvel before. I'd go as far as to say - and I don't say this lightly - it's the best MCU TV show ever"

David Opie of DigitalSpy is less positive, saying it has "flashes of greatness" but "some of the sillier aspects detract from the horror:"

"I’ve watched the first 4 Moon Knight eps and I’m as divided by this show as Marc himself. When it works, it’s a wildly original MCU entry with flashes of greatness, but some of the sillier aspects detract from the horror. Diehard comic fans might not enjoy it as much as newcomers."

University Film Review loved what it saw of Moon Knight, calling it "haunting" and Marvel's "best show yet:"

"Moon Knight is fantastic & Oscar Isaac is exceptional as the tormented Marc Spector. This is the Marvel show everyone is going to be talking about. Completely bonkers that leads with a haunting adventure. Marvel Studios has knocked it out of the park with it's best show yet."

Tom Percival from The Digital Fix heralds the series as a "A good blend of horror, action, and humor," jokingly adding that Isaac's hero "has a great cape:"

"Had a lot of fun with  Moon Knight it started weird and only seems to be getting weirder. A good blend of horror, action, and humour… plus he has a great cape."

While liking most of it, Zavvi's Emily Murray did make mention that "It’s not as bonkers as [she had] hoped for:"

"Delivering lots of Indiana Jones style archaeology action (swap out the whip for a cape) and Oscar Isaac’s great turn in the lead role - Moon Knight is plenty of fun.  It’s not as bonkers as I hoped for… but a later episode hints much more of that is coming."

Ashanti Omkar from the BBC noted that the show's music is something to "relish" and called Oscar Isaac "dazzling" in the role:

"Embargo lifted. I have seen Moon Knight & he is dazzling.Oscar Isaac is a revelation. Put it on your  Disney Plus watch list for 30th March 2022. Relish the music of Hesham Nazih & see Maycala Mawy bringing her effortless flair to the screen."

Moon Knight Hits it Out of the Park

Seeing these reactions should have fans resting easy when thinking about Moon Knight. While some have questioned how Marvel Studios would take on an intrinsically darker hero in Mark Spector and his multiple identities, early indications are it nailed it. 

That is not to say it is perfect by any means. There are some instances of critics being a little lower on the first four episodes than others. 

However, when declarations like Marvel's "best show yet" are getting thrown around, it is hard to ignore. While early reactions to other Marvel Disney+ shows have been positive, rarely have they been this glowing. 

Disney must be confident about Moon Knight as the press were treated to four episodes of the series before it came out. Usually, embargoes like this are for the first two or so episodes of a title, but this is something else entirely. 

Marvel Studios handed out two-thirds of the show early. That certainly feels like a vote of confidence. 

Moon Knight premieres on March 30 on Disney+.

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