Disney+'s Moon Knight Reportedly NOT Attached to the Current MCU

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Moving out of the chaos of the Infinity Saga's climactic installments, Phase 4 is packed with much of the same insanity, with game-changing stories like Spider-Man: No Way HomeLoki, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Although as many old faces depart the MCU, the latest projects have also introduced audiences to some new faces, including Kate Bishop, Shang-Chi, and, later this month, Moon Knight.

Moon Knight will mark the MCU's first venture into the supernatural with Egyptian gods and mystical creatures. The Disney+ series is also set to be the darkest and most brutal entry in the cinematic universe yet with an exploration of Marc Spector's dissociative identity disorder that gives him multiple personalities.

In an ever-connected cinematic universe like the MCU, fans are always waiting to find out how each project will tie into what comes next and what has come before. But by the sounds of it, Moon Knight will be a much more standalone venture.

Moon Knight Is Not Connected to Current MCU

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Via a new Disney press release, Moon Knight executive producer Grant Curtis revealed the series will not be attached to the current MCU.

Curtis first described the great excitement inside Marvel Studios to introduce Moon Knight and take the MCU to "its Iron Man and Tony Stark roots" in building a new hero "from the ground up" once again:

“There are multiple aspects of Moon Knight that get us internally jazzed at Marvel Studios. But one of the unique aspects of this character is it’s taking Marvel Studios to its Iron Man and Tony Stark roots. That was a character that was obviously built from the ground up, and it is the same with Marc Spector.”

The executive producer went on to describe how Moon Knight will be "embracing the supernatural aspects" of the comics, including the "ruthless Egyptian god Khonshu:"

“We’re absolutely embracing the supernatural aspects of what was in publishing, the Egyptian gods, this ruthless Egyptian god Khonshu that manipulates Marc to do his bidding. We’re embracing all that. We love stuff that goes bump in the night.”

According to Curtis, Moon Knight will have "no attachment to the current MCU" as he will be "brand-new" and "going on a brand-new adventure:"

“There’s no attachment to the current MCU. He’s brand-new, and he is going on a brand-new adventure. We really think the fans are going to enjoy it.”

So is Moon Knight in the MCU?

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Many fans will naturally take Curtis' comments to indicate Moon Knight doesn't take place in the MCU. To state the obvious, that is not what the executive producer is saying here. Rather, Curtis appears to be suggesting the Disney+ series won't play into any of the interconnected stories building in the MCU at the moment, of which there are many.

LokiSpider-Man: No Way Home, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are diving into the MultiverseThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Black Widow have seen Valentina building a mysterious team of street-level fighters, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

As Moon Knight introduces a brand-new hero to the MCU in Marc Spector, the focus appears to be on telling his story and not playing into a bigger picture. That's not to say the Disney+ series will be devoid of links to a wider world; recent rumors have pointed to a Hulk appearance and there's a strong chance it sets up the Werewolf by Night Halloween Special.

Looking at the Phase 4 projects released so far, most have placed great emphasis on linking to other projects and telling paradigm-shifting stories. With series like Moon KnightMs. Marvel, and She-Hulk, it will be refreshing to take the MCU back to its early days of introducing a new hero and telling a story all about them.

Disney+ subscribers will meet Moon Knight in his series premiere on March 30, 2022.

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