Ms. Marvel's Disney+ Series Reportedly Shifts Filming To Bangkok Next Month

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Kamala Khan, Marvel's Avengers, Bangkok background

After withstanding a year of not being able to adequately put out any content due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Marvel Studios is ready to take on 2021 in full force.

WandaVision has been streaming across television screens for weeks now, with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki planning to follow suit on Disney+. Regarding movies, Black Widow is still targeting a May 7, 2021 release, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Eternals, and Spider-Man 3 all also hold tentative 2021 dates.

In the midst of all of this, the super powered franchise is hard at work filming other upcoming Disney+ series', with some also set to hit small screens by the end of the year. One of these is Ms. Marvel, a show helmed by four well-established directors that will follow titular heroine Kamala Khan on her newfound superhero journey.

At this point, not much is known about the exact storyline of Ms. Marvel or how the series will fit into the greater MCU. During Disney Investor Day last December, a sizzle reel highlighting the show promised that it will be "taking the material [from the comics] and elevating it" while also introducing "a new family that's also gonna be part of the wider MCU."

On top of several reports casting Kamala's family and friends in the show, a rumor has arisen on the current state of shooting for it, indicating that the Ms. Marvel cast and crew may be leaving the United States...


According to sources from Murphy's Multiverse as well as a comment from Atlana Filming, Ms. Marvel is rumored to continue production in the capital of Thailand: Bangkok. This overseas filming will reportedly begin sometime in March.

Previously, the Imam Vellani-led show was filming in Atlanta, Georgia.


Atlanta, Georgia is no stranger to Marvel Studio productions, with a majority of them having spent time in the heart of the Peach State.

It was first reported back in November that Ms. Marvel was in its early filming stages in Georgia, as confirmed actor Saagar Shaikh had posted on social media celebrating his arrival there. Since then, not a ton of insight has been given into the shoot apart from Iman Vellani donning a Captain Marvel helmet and subsequent Halloween costume; for a teenage superhero such as Kamala, the show seems to be encompassing a close-to-home set.

That being said, shifting overseas to Bangkok is bound to open a ton of doors for the upcoming Disney+ series. Murphy's Multiverse also notes that Thailand could serve as the stage for the introduction of Red Dagger, another heroine closely linked to Ms. Marvel in on the comic pages.

On the other hand, Bangkok could simply be the home of some new, fantastic shots for Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan comes from a Muslim-Pakistani-American background, and Bangkok would provide beautiful imagery to showcase some of those different, yet equally important, roots of Marvel's up-and-coming FanFiction-writer-turned-superhero.

Either way, Ms. Marvel is bound to open the doors to a younger generation of heroes that the MCU is ushering in, as evident by the recent inclusion of Billy and Tommy in WandaVision.

Ms. Marvel will supposedly start streaming on Disney+ in late 2021.

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