Marvel Releases First Footage From Ms. Marvel Disney+ Series

Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel
By Julia Delbel Posted:


During Disney's Investor Day, Kevin Feige officially announced Iman Vellani as the titular hero in Disney+'s upcoming Ms. Marvel series. The series will be released in late 2021, and a sneak peek, including footage, has also been released:


The Ms. Marvel sizzle has sound bites from creative team members like Head Writer and Executive Producer Bisha K. Ali and Supervising Producer Jenna Berger talking about the impact the character has had in Marvel Comics, footage of the Zoom call during which Vellani was told she would be playing Kamala Khan, and of course clips of the series itself.

Executive Producer Sana Amanat spoke about how the directors of the series would be “taking the material [from the comics] and elevating it,” while Ali explained that "[the series is] about a teenager figuring out who she is, and about relationships. Family and friendship is at the heart of the MCU canon. What's so exciting about the story we're bringing is that we're going to introduce [fans] to a new family that's also gonna be part of the wider MCU."

Ms. Marvel is set to premiere on Disney Plus in late 2021.