Ms. Marvel Season 2: New Report Reveals Original Plan for Kamala Khan Actress

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Ms. Marvel season 2

Marvel Studios' original plan for the MCU's Ms. Marvel included multiple Disney+ seasons.

Phase 4 has been home to plenty of new players, many of whom come from the Young Avengers' corner of the Marvel universe. Out of the bunch, the only one to immediately jump straight into first billing on her own project is Iman Vellani's Ms. Marvel, who debuted in her own Disney+ series early this year.

Having been a breakout star of Phase 4, Kamala Kahn will soon return to team up with her idol Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau in 2023's The Marvels. This will make Kamala Khan one of the first to deliver on Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige's promise of characters introduced on Disney+ making their way to theaters.

The young hero's future beyond that point currently remains unclear, with Season 2 still not yet announced despite teases from the crew.

Marvel Studios Had Big Plans For Ms. Marvel's MCU Debut

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According to a report from Murphy's Multiverse, at the time Marvel Studios was originally casting Ms. Marvel's Kamala Khan, the studio intended for the actress to shoot Season 1, a movie, and Season 2, all within a fairly short period of time.

Obviously, that role eventually went to Iman Vellani, who filmed Ms. Marvel in late 2020 and early 2021 (plus reshoots in January 2022) and then The Marvels in the second half of 2021.

The report added that Vellani is "going to be pretty busy" as she is expected to play "a rather pivotal role" in the overall tale of the Multiverse Saga. This may be in reference to rumors that Ms. Marvel's powers do connect to the Multiverse and will lead to an incursion taking place in The Marvels to set up Avengers 5.

Where Is Ms. Marvel Season 2?

Ms. Marvel Season 1 was in production from November 2020 to May 2021 before Vellani quickly jumped to Captain Marvel 2 just three months later, finishing filming on the latter in May 2022. So, the Ms. Marvel actress is currently on her first real break since joining the MCU, leaving the question of when she will next suit up. 

According to one insider, Ms. Marvel has already been renewed for Season 2, which could indicate the writer's room will be assembled soon or has been already. Either case would still allow plenty of time for Season 2 to make its way into the latter chapters of the Multiverse Saga, likely as part of 2025's Phase 6 line-up.

As the bulk of Ms. Marvel's comic stories revolves around her as a younger hero, planning to produce multiple seasons close together makes plenty of sense. This will allow Marvel Studios to get the most classic Kamala Khan content out of Iman Vellani while the actress can still believably portray a high school hero.

Just as franchises such as Harry Potter and Tom Holland's Spider-Man trilogy have done, Ms. Marvel has the potential to truly explore a young hero growing up through the years. This will undoubtedly be realized over more future seasons, along with team-up projects like Avengers, Young Avengers, and The Marvels.

Ms. Marvel Season 1 is streaming now, exclusively on Disney+.

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