Ms. Marvel Season 2 Teased by Directors With New Video Post

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Ms. Marvel Season 2

Over this past summer, Marvel Studios introduced a brand-new superhero into the MCU in Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel, who is also one of the newest characters from the comics. But even after a wildly successful six-episode solo series that finished with her fully evolving into a superhero, there are still some questions about her future, specifically with regards to Ms. Marvel Season 2.

Fans already know that Vellani is set to play a key role in the MCU as a whole thanks to her inclusion alongside Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris in 2023’s The Marvels. However, her Ms. Marvel series is still up in the air, with no official indication that Season 2 is on the way.

The most recent update hinted toward Marvel working slowly towards bringing that next round of episodes, with a rumor teasing that Ms. Marvel Season 2 has the green light for production. Now, that rumor may be gaining traction thanks to a suspicious social media post from two of the show’s directors from Kamala Khan’s debut season on Disney+.

Ms. Marvel Directing Duo Teasing Season 2

Ms. Marvel Season 2

Ms. Marvel directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah teased their potential involvement in a second season of the Disney+ show with a post on Instagram. This would make Ms. Marvel only the second live-action Disney+ show to be confirmed for a Season 2, with the sophomore season for Loki confirmed to arrive in Summer 2023.

Sharing a short video featuring a series of interviews with the pair about Season 1, El Arbi included the following caption, potentially indicating that Season 2 of Ms. Marvel might be in development for Marvel Studios and could involve the pair:

"Just reminiscing on our time spent in the MCU, who’s ready for season 2?!"

In the video, the directors shared some of their process behind developing Kamala Khan, with El Arbi noting that she's "a super huge fan of Captain Marvel" and Fallah looking to how the comics were "so full of color:"

El Arbi: "We tried to pay homage to what the comics was. In the comics, Kamala Khan, all of a sudden, discovers that she has these superpowers, and she’s a huge fan of Captain Marvel."

Fallah: "When I read the comic book, it was so full of color, so full of vibrancy, and we really wanted to translate that."

El Arbi closed by looking back on Kamala's struggles throughout the first season, as she had to fight to be "a brown girl from Jersey" that ended up saving the world:

"She is still a super huge fan of Captain Marvel, this strong woman superhero, somebody that she maybe wants to be, but feels that she will never be, because, in her mind, she’s just a brown girl from Jersey, and she thinks that brown girls from Jersey don’t become superheroes, don’t save the world."

The full post can be seen below:

Will Ms. Marvel Move Into Season 2?

Although Loki is the only MCU Disney+ show to be confirmed for a second season, this is only another indication that Ms. Marvel could join that elite class of projects. And while this isn't the only tease for Season 2 being on the way, the stars and crew from Season 1 have openly spoken about how exciting it would be to continue into a new story.

Leading actress Iman Vellani admitted that she hasn't heard anything about  Season 2 being officially greenlit, already sharing her ideas for what she'd like to see now that Kamala Khan has embraced her mantle as Ms. Marvel. El Arbi and Fallah have also expressed their hopes to see things get even crazier in another set of episodes, and with this post, fans are certainly hopeful that Marvel is moving closer to making Season 2 a reality.

This new season likely wouldn't come to the MCU until sometime later in Phase 5 or potentially Phase 6, with six new entries already confirmed for the middle Phase of the Multiverse Saga in 2023 and 2024. But having more Ms. Marvel in the story should only add to the excitement that this new slate is bringing as Iman Vellani looks to explore her young hero in more depth over the years.

Season 1 of Ms. Marvel is available to stream on Disney+.

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