Ms. Marvel Season 2 Prospects Addressed by Lead Star

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Ms. Marvel season 2

Marvel’s recently-completed Disney+ series Ms. Marvel saw the introduction of Jersey City teenager Kamala Khan, brilliantly brought to life by newcomer Iman Vellani. In her debut season, Kamala inherits a mysterious bangle that unlocks superhuman abilities within her.

It wasn’t long, though, before Khan was thrown headfirst into a battle with an ancient group known as the Clandestines. Kamala managed to emerge from the first season unscathed but ended up swapping places with her idol, Carol Danvers in a post-credits scene.

That’s a plot thread that will be expanded upon in Kamala’s next appearance, The Marvels. As for her solo series, it has yet to be renewed for another season, despite its popularity. 

Iman Vellani Discusses Season 2 Possibilities

Ms. Marvel Season 2

In an interview with Deadline during Disney’s D23 Expo in California, Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani was asked whether or not she knew anything about another season of the hit MCU show. While grinning and nodding her head, the young star had this to say:

“Anything I’ve heard? …They don’t tell me anything. So, you’re not gonna hear anything…. Hopefully. Yeah, we've got to start a petition or something, yeah.”

Previously, Vellani discussed what she’`d like to see in terms of storylines, if the series were to be renewed, comparing things to the early portion of Peter Parker’s arc.

“It would be fun to see Kamala post-‘The Marvels’ after she’s fought with her idol. It’s similar to what Spider-Man went through after fighting with the Avengers in ‘Civil War’ and going back to the friendly neighborhood thing.”

Additionally, Adil El Arbi, director of Ms. Marvel offered the following quote on elements he’d like to see incorporated into a possible Season 2. He was sure to mention “more craziness” as an aspiration.

“We’ll see what happens. If they ask us for a feature or a movie, we’d love to have more animation in it, and more craziness [laughs] and have manga sequences with her powers and all that. That’s the goal.”

His co-director, Bilal Fallah, also remarked: “And obviously, see if we can add some X-Men flavor to it.”

Will Ms. Marvel Season 2 Get Released?

Surely, after the first season became such a success, Marvel Studios would be keen to order another season of Ms. Marvel. There are a couple of possible reasons that could explain the hold-up though.

Feige and co. may very well be waiting until The Marvels released in theaters next year before announcing any official plans to continue Kamala’s solo story. Or perhaps something happens to her in the film that would preclude her from appearing in another season? Maybe she gets trapped in outer space, or stays with her idol Captain Marvel for more cosmic adventures?

None of the live-action MCU Disney+ series have gotten officially-announced renewals as of yet, with the notable exception of Loki. Fans continue to wait with bated breath for updates on Moon Knight, Hawkeye, and the currently-airing She: Hulk Attorney at Law.

The entirety of Ms. Marvel Season 1 is now available on Disney+ and Kamala will next be seen in The Marvels, which will blast into theaters on July 28, 2023.

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