MCU Star Teases What Happens After Brie Larson's Ms. Marvel Post-Credits Scene

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Ms. Marvel has been one of Marvel Studios' most well-received Disney+ series to date. The introduction of Iman Vellani’s hero also served to add two massive twists to the MCU.

For one, Kamala seems to be the first mutant to be revealed to audiences in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Secondly, the titular character of the show just up and vanished in the closing seconds of the show—only to be straight up replaced by Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers.

Just as Kamala is noticing her bangle messing up, a neat new teleportation effect goes off, slamming her through a closet door. The thing is, it’s no longer the same person. Instead, Captain Marvel herself is standing right where her biggest fan used to be.

Ms Marvel post-credits

One has to wonder, what exactly was going through Kamala Khan’s brain when she realized what had happened? Well, who better to answer that question than the woman behind the character herself?

Swapping Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers

In an interview with New Rockstars, Ms. Marvel Star Iman Vellani talked about that big post-credits scene with Carol Danvers and how Kamala might be feeling in the moment when she landed at her destination.

Ms Marvel Carol Danvers Post-Credits scene

The actress confirmed how the post-credits scene was, in fact, “[shot] in The Marvels,” and that audiences will have to wait until next year to find out the context behind the scene:

“So yeah, we did shoot that in The Marvels, not during Ms. Marvel—so, I do know the story, ‘cause so was in the movie [laughs]. But yeah, she did switch places. But where does she go? We’ll find out in a year.”

When asked what the character may have been going through on an emotional level after the swap, Vellani confirmed that it was “a lot of fear and excitement at the same time, of where she ends up.”

Where in the Universe is Kamala Khan?

Since Kamala will seemingly be alive in The Marvels, audiences at least know Carol wasn’t flying through space when they swapped places. That could have gone quite poorly.

It likely won’t take her long to realize how she’s been yanked into another big superhero problem, which will undoubtedly excite her. Though, that high will only last so long before she starts to panic about being (presumably) halfway across the galaxy.

But just where did she end up? Did Captain Marvel potentially get her hands on the matching magical bangle? Sadly, none of the answers are going to be here anytime soon.

Fans are also probably wondering how Kamala’s family will react to Carol Danvers just strolling down their stairway. The family’s daughter only just started being a superhero, and already crazy events are already happening non-stop for her, or at least, so it seems.

The Marvels hits theaters on July 28, 2023.

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