The Marvels Set Photos Reveal First Look at Ms. Marvel's Return

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Kamala Khan, The Marvels, Captain Marvel 2

Who would have guessed that Ms. Marvel was going to be the MCU project which gave the world the first mutant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Or at least that’s what it looks like from here. Despite her Inhuman origins in the comics, it seems her future with Marvel Studios may have a different path in mind for the character. But as big as Kamala's genetic reveal was, it wasn’t the only massive development in the closing minutes of the series.

Warning - This article contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel's season finale.

Kamala Khan, Iman Vellani

The finale was the second episode to have a post-credits scene, and it set the stage for Kamala Khan’s time over on The Marvels next year. Laying in her bed, Kamala noticed her bangle acting funny. Upon standing up, she was frantically whipped away, with Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers having suddenly taken her spot—Ms. Marvel herself was nowhere to be seen.

Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, Carol Danvers

But what do these massive developments mean for Iman Vellani’s upcoming film debut? Well, some previously released set photos from her next appearance might provide some new information with the new context given to audiences in Ms. Marvel’s final installment.

Another Look at The Marvel's Leaked Ms. Marvel Costume

Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel 2

Now with Ms. Marvel's finale having aired, there's no better time to go back to November 2021, when some of the only set photos to come out of The Marvel's leaked online.

The images showcased Ms. Marvel in a brand-new costume, in an unknown alien location. Iman Vellani, Kamala Khan herself, can also be seen standing next to what looks to be a Kree soldier.

More of the photos can be seen in a separate tweet, which sadly doesn't offer up more hints as to what's happening.

A New Costume and Potential Kree Connection

One of the first observations to note, with what is known now, is how odd it is to see Kamala in a new costume. Her signature look, as seen throughout Ms. Marvel's advertising, was made by her mother––so there's a significant emotional connection to that costume. Was the show's finale the only time fans will see it?

Also, seeing how the newest MCU hero is decked out in a completely new costume, it would seem that Iman Vellani's character is doing just fine after swapping places with Carol Danvers. But why did it happen in the first place?

Well, one clue could be a Kree connection. That first bangle, the one Kamala wears on her wrist, was originally found on a blue arm, which was more than likely a dead Kree. Seeing as Carol Danvers is intrinsically connected to that alien race, could she have potentially found the second bangle? Maybe in the midst of using it, she accidentally made a connection with its pair, causing the two to switch positions.

As mentioned above, in that first set photo with Ms. Marvel's new costume, a Kree can clearly be seen sitting on the floor. This would theoretically indicate how the race will play a key part of the story to the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel.

But given all of these Kree plot threads, what does that have to do with the character's newly revealed gene mutation? Could Marvel be gearing up to combine the mythos of Inhumans and mutants in some way? Will the Kree be the creators of the mutants in the MCU, instead of the Inhumans as they are in the comics?

Needless to say, the finale of Ms. Marvel almost certainly quadrupled the excitement for next year's The Marvels, which releases on July 28, 2023.

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