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Iman Vellani stars as Kamala Khan in the MCU's latest Disney+ streaming series, Ms. Marvel. In the show, the teen hero finds herself in possession of a mysterious bangle that's worn on the wrist. When Kamala puts it on, it unlocks fantastical superpowers, giving her the ability to create constructs made from hard light. And of course, being a huge fan of the Avengers, young Ms. Khan is completely obsessed with one Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, whom she greatly looks up to and considers an inspiration.

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel Episode 6, "No Normal."

In the mid-credits scene of Ms. Marvel's finale, as Kamala plopped down on her bed, presumably after a hard day of crime fighting, the bangle began to glow. In an unexpected twist, Kamala vanished into a messy string of lights, leaving a confused and shocked Carol Danvers in her place, with a surprise cameo by Brie Larson.

Now, many fans have speculated that the bangle had somehow transformed Kamala into Carol, and one of the producers on the series has a response to that theory.

Exit, Kamala Khan. Enter, Carol Danvers

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According to Ms. Marvel showrunner Bisha K. Ali (via Deadline), it truly is Brie Larson's actual Carol Danvers that's standing in Kamala's room in the post-credits scene of Episode 6, debunking fan theories that Kamala had somehow morphed into the Avenger:

"That is Carol Danvers in Kamala’s bedroom. What you’re seeing is exactly what you think you’re seeing. That’s her, there’s no magic there. All I can say beyond that is to enjoy the movie in one year’s time."

Of course, Ali is referencing the upcoming MCU film, The Marvels, which is confirmed to be both characters' next appearance and will answer the questions of why and how they swapped places.

Ms. Marvel post credits explained

Ali's confirmation of a switch, as opposed to a shapeshift, was corroborated by the official Marvel website, which published a piece that recapped the scene in question:

"Sometime later, Kamala collapses on her bed, with her mother calling from downstairs that it doesn’t sound like she’s doing science homework. Kamala groans, and that’s when she notices the bangle on her wrist is illuminating. As she gets up to take a better look at it, she’s suddenly sucked away via some unknown force which in the process destroys her closet door. When the dust settles, Captain Marvel stands up and takes one look around Kamala’s room and all the pictures, posters, and images of her plastered on the walls. Oh no."

When asked if she was present on-set when Larson filmed her appearance, Ali responded by saying she was not, but mentions that seeing Carol in the show itself was "incredible:"

"I wasn’t there when it was shot but seeing it was incredible! Also, her new suit looks so good with how it coordinates with Kamala. It was delicious! The joy I felt seeing her standing in Kamala’s bedroom I can’t describe. It was perfect. That’s been Kamala’s place for safety and where she expresses herself. So seeing Captain Marvel standing in that space, there’s just so much joy in that scene."

And finally, replying to a query about whether this Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel switch-out has something to do with Kamala's supposed status as a Mutant, the writer further hammered home that the answers that fans seek are in The Marvels:

"It will all be revealed in the movie. I was excited to help set up all these riddles for you guys that will lead into the movie where the story continues."

The Theory Has a Basis in Ms. Marvel Comics

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The version of Kamala Khan that appears in the pages of Marvel comic books has very different powers from that of the MCU character. In the books, Ms. Marvel is a polymorph, able to stretch and contort her body in a myriad of ways, much like the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards. She's also able to shrink and grow, à la Ant-Man, and can even shapeshift to resemble other people.

Of course, with Marvel Comics' Kamala also being quite the fan of Captain Marvel, she has taken it upon herself to shapeshift into her hero at various points. So, this is very likely the precedent on which fans were basing their Episode 6 theories.

Kamala, Carol, and Wandavision's Monica Rambeau will all team up in 2023's feature film, The Marvels. Little is known about the movie regarding plot details, but the villain will be portrayed by Zawe Ashton. Maybe her character is the one responsible for sending Kamala who knows where?

One might also wonder where exactly Kamala was sent. Considering the nature of Carol's duties, it's entirely possible that Khan was dropped straight into the middle of a firefight between two warring alien species. Would she be in over her head? It's important to remember that while she's only 16 years old, Kamala Khan is a capable young woman who developed good instincts and control over her powers during Ms. Marvel's six-episode season.

Perhaps this all does actually have something to do with Kamala's genetic mutation? It does seem unlikely though, since the switch implies a connection between Kamala and Carol and the latter is not a Mutant, having gotten her abilities from the explosion of an Infinity Stone-powered engine.

Per Bisha K. Ali's words, all these mysteries will indeed be solved when Marvel Studios' The Marvels lands in theaters on July 28, 2023. What's more, all six episodes of Ms. Marvel are now streaming exclusively on Disney_+.

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