Ms. Marvel Season 2: Director Reveals 1 Inhuman Who Would Need to Appear

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Ms. Marvel season 2 Inhumans

Ms. Marvel had a stellar first season on Disney+, leaving fans to wonder if Iman Vellani's titular hero will return for a potential second on the streaming service. While Marvel Studios has yet to confirm if a sophomore run is in the cards, Ms. Marvel cinematographer Jules O’Loughlin recently admitted that he “[hasn’t] heard of any plans for a Season 2.” 

Despite that, Vellani has been optimistic about returning to the small screen for another run as the bangle-powered heroine. The up-and-coming MCU newcomer shared "it would be fun" to see Kamala after fighting side by side with Brie Larson's Carol Danvers in the MCU sequel The Marvels​​​​​​, similar to what Tom Holland's Spider-Man went through after fighting with the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. 

Although Vellani confirmed that Ms. Marvel is "laid out as a limited series," the show's ending presents endless storyline possibilities, such as exploring Kamala's ties to mutants and the future of the Red Daggers

Now, the show's directors have shared their ideas on which story and characters to explore in Season 2. 

Ms. Marvel Directors Want Lockjaw Appearance

Ms. Marvel Lockjaw
Marvel Comics

In an interview with IGN, Ms. Marvel director and co-showrunners Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah talked about a potential appearance by a notable member of the Inhumans during its heavily-speculated sophomore run. 

Looking ahead to a potential second season, Fallah shared that “there’s much more we can do with Kamala Khan,” which includes exploring her powers.

El Ardi chimed in, noting that there is a "big dog" from the comics that could make an appearance In Season 2. The Marvel director is actually referring to Lockjaw, a massive dog with the power of inter-dimensional teleportation: 

“She has that big dog. If there’s another season or a movie, the big dog is going to have to be a big character in it.”

Lockjaw Comics
Marvel Comics

Speaking with Slash Film, the directing duo also revealed more storyline inspirations that could be worth exploring in Season 2. 

El Arbi revealed that they want to explore Kamala's friends and family even more in a potential Season 2, while Fallah pointed out that he wants to do more scenes with Imam Abdullah, describing him as a "cool character:"

El Arbi: "We can do much more. We want to explore her, and her friends and family, like Bruno, Nakia, Zoe, and all these, Yusuf... -

Fallah: "I want to have more scenes with Imam Abdullah. Also a very cool character."

El Arbi also noted that they'd love to have "more animation" and "more craziness" with Kamala's powers in a future project, reiterating that it's "the goal." Meanwhile, Fallah expressed his desire to add "some X-Men flavor" to the follow-up season: 

El Arbi: "We’ll see what happens. If they ask us for a feature or a movie, we’d love to have more animation in it, and more craziness [laughs] and have manga sequences with her powers and all that. That’s the goal."

Fallah: "And obviously, see if we can add some X-Men flavor to it."

When asked which Marvel character they want to direct in their own series,  El Arbi mentioned that he would like to explore Taika Waititi's Korg if given the chance: 

"Their own series? I mean, it would be nice to have a series with Korg [laughs]. It would be little, 15-minute episodes of Korg. I’d love to see it [laughs]."

Will Inhumans Show Up in Ms. Marvel's Potential Season 2?

Lockjaw is an interesting character to explore in Season 2, but the appearance of the "big dog" could lead to the possible presence of the Inhuman Royal family led by Black Bolt. In addition, lead star Iman Vellani confirmed that she tried to include Lockjaw in the first season, but her efforts didn't succeed. 

While it's possible that Marvel Studios could have plans in place to introduce the Inhumans in the future, introducing Lockjaw in Ms. Marvel Season 2 could plant the seeds of that introduction. If Marvel decides to give way and introduce Lockjaw in Season 2, the character wouldn't be out of place due to his history with Kamala from the comics. 

In Marvel Comics, Kamala and Lockjaw have a strong bond, with the latter being tasked by Medusa to keep an eye on the new young hero. There's a chance that a version of Lockjaw exists in the MCU, presumably hidden in Attilan (the city of the Inhuman kingdom). 

Given that the directors already revealed that they want to explore Kamala's powers even more in the show's sophomore run, with them even teasing that there's a "big road" for the character in the future, the Pakistani-American superhero could end up with a fateful encounter with some members of the Inhuman family. This could pave the way for the highly-anticipated first encounter between Kamala and Lockjaw. 

Ms. Marvel is streaming on Disney+. 

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