Ms. Marvel: First Set Photos For MCU Disney+ Series Feature Captain Marvel Connection

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Ms. Marvel

Disney+ will serve as one of the bold new chapters of the MCU, and Ms. Marvel will play a heavy role on that front. Played by Iman Vellani , the Pakistani-American superhero will look to elevate Phase 4 in surprising ways, and it is widely expected that she will play an integral part in the overarching narrative moving forward.

Ms. Marvel is expected to jump into the silver screen, with rumors even mentioning that the MCU hero may be featured first in Captain Marvel 2 before making her small screen debut on Disney+. Not only that, the unique skill set of Kamala Khan will definitely offer a visual treat to fans. It's also inevitable for the hero to meet other heroes like Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Chris Hemsworth's Thor, ultimately leading to entertaining character beats.

Production for the MCU series is now underway , and fans are already on the lookout for the first sneak peek of the titular character. And now, new set photos offer a glimpse at Vellani's take on the famous Marvel superhero.


User BRMarvelNews from Twitter, via Just Jared , shared the first set of photos of the Ms. Marvel Disney+ series, and it provides a glimpse of the MCU debut of Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan.

Other images showed more of Vellani's Kamala Khan riding her bicycle:


Based on what's been revealed, it appears that Iman Vellani is a natural fit for the role of Kamala Khan, and fans should be excited about her eventual live-action MCU appearance down the line. The helmet that Vellani is wearing appears to be a Captain Marvel-themed accessory along with her initials (K.K.), potentially teasing Kamala's admiration towards Carol Danvers. On top of that, the jacket that she is wearing is a canvas flight jacket, seemingly serving as a fun nod towards Danvers' Air Force background.

On top of that, the biggest takeaway from the photos that were released is the one where Vellani can be seen on the rooftop. Considering that the actress is thoroughly covered by a dark cloth (and the lower part of the costume is visible), it's possible that Vellani is actually wearing the iconic costume of Ms. Marvel from the comics, or at least an early version of it.

This could essentially mean that Kamala's superhero gig is off to a running start, and this presents an exciting array of possibilities for the character's arc in the Disney+ series. The other set photos show Vellani wearing a mask, leading some fans to speculate that the series could potentially feature the global pandemic in some form. However, this could very well be due to the strict COVID-19 measures of Disney and Marvel on set.

All in all, these first set photos should dial up the hype surrounding Ms. Marvel even further while also presenting strong evidence that Vellani is a perfect fit to play the young Marvel hero.

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