Ms. Marvel Disney+ Series May Involve Time Travel in a Unique Way

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Ms. Marvel punching out bank robber on left, Ms. Marvel looking behind her on right

Production on multiple Marvel Studios projects are beginning again including Ms. Marvel , which has also begun searching for its lead actress once more. However, not much else is known about the series other than typical speculation from fans about what might be included from her comic run.

Earlier rumors actually suggest that one of her first super-villains might make an appearance , The Inventor, an anthropomorphic bird that was intended to be the clone of Thomas Edison.

But, this latest news might imply even weirder things to come to her series.


In what seems like to be overlooked news from yesterday, IndieWire confirmed that theoretical physicist Clifford Johnson will be working as an advisor on Ms. Marvel .

Currently, Johnson is working with Disney+ on its upcoming “Ms. Marvel.”

Johnson has worked with Marvel Studios in the past on Thor: Ragnarok , Avengers: Infinity War , and Avengers: Endgame . He specifically worked on Endgame's time travel elements.


Now, comic book readers who have kept up with Kamala Khan over the years will know the way her powers actually work, which isn't what one would expect. Ms. Marvel's stretching, shapeshifting, growing, and shrinking work in a very unique way and actually involve time travel, hence why physicist Clifford Johnson could be involved with the show.

In the comics, whenever Kamala uses her powers, she's actually either borrowing or giving her own mass to other versions of herself throughout time. She's essentially sharing mass across time and space and time-traveling at a molecular level.

The vast majority of Johnson's consulting work on movies and shows has involved time travel with recent examples being Avengers: Endgame, The Flash, Paper Girls , Star Trek: Discovery and even his latest work on Palm Springs , which involves a repeating time loop.

In fact, IndieWire directly points to this being Clifford Johnson's field of specialty:

Oh, it’s about space-time stuff? You want to talk to Clifford.

Additionally, the character of Ms. Marvel didn't have any encounter with time travel throughout her entire run until she was confronted with how her Inhuman abilities worked. In fact, most of her run didn't deal with many high-science concepts like Johnson has consulted on. Much of what Kamala has faced has dealt with genetic modification, cloning, magic, or standard super-villainy.

Now, this is of course heavy speculation, but there really is no other reason why Johnson would be consulting on this show than to advise on space-time science and physics, and the only thing in the comics that directly ties Kamala Khan to this is her powers and how they work.

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