WandaVision's New Episode Makes MCU Superhero History

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Marvel Studios is bringing jaw-dropping reveals and shocking moments with every passing week of WandaVision , which fully continues in Episode 6.

"All-New Halloween Spooktacular" sets the stage in the early 2000s, styled after classic sitcoms like Malcolm in the Middle . Wanda and Vision are not on the same page in their married life, and the tension keeps building as Vision tries to learn the truth about what's happening in and out of Westview.

One of the high points of this episode was seeing the couple's twin sons, Billy and Tommy Maximoff, raise hell for the first Halloween night of their young lives. To give an even greater perspective on just how special the duo actually is, a fan on Twitter pointed out a fun fact about the twins and their place in the MCU.


As pointed out by @McuScottLang , the events of Episode 6 of WandaVision made history in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. During Halloween night in Westview, Tommy and Billy Maximoff exhibit their superpowers for the first time - Tommy uses his super-speed to gather candy while Billy practices his mental abilities (energy manipulation and telepathy) similar to his mother's in an effort to locate his father, The Vision. As these special skills were given to them at birth by their superhuman mother, Tommy and Billy Maximoff have officially become the first superhumans in the MCU to have been born with superpowers.

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As shocking as this claim may be, there's a lot of validity to Billy and Tommy setting this superhuman standard once one steps back and examines the great heroes of the MCU's past.

A vast majority of the MCU's heroes turn into heroes in one of three ways: technological advancements, experimental enhancement, or some kind of accident.

Technology-based individuals include heroes like Iron Man and Ant-Man, whose suits provide Tony Stark and Scott Lang with their abilities in battle. Experimental enhancement provided powers to the likes of Captain America and the Hulk, both of whom have increased physical strength and speed, among other unique abilities.

There are other heroes whose powers come from a combination of these initial events that turn them into heroes. Spider-Man was accidentally bit by a radioactive spider and uses a Stark-tech suit, while the Black Panther uses the enhancement of the heart-shaped herb and a full vibranium suit to become Wakanda's protector.

A couple of other interesting examples of potential naturally-born superhumans come to mind with Thor and Star-Lord, although both of them can be dismissed as options in this "contest.".

Thor is not only an alien, but a god, and a substantial part of his powers come from his Asgardian biology, along with the mighty weapons Mjölnir and Stormbreaker. As for Star-Lord, he was born on Earth and knew nothing of his Celestial heritage until he met his father, Ego, in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 . Even taking that into account, he can only use his powers in proximity to Ego's planet, and with Ego now gone, he is simply a skilled and dangerous human through and through.

And so, Billy and Tommy Maximoff seemingly take this intriguing honor of being the first naturally born human superheroes in the MCU. Their powers were put on full display in Episode 6 as WandaVision , both comic-accurate and resembling those of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, and they are already proving themselves to be quite the force to be reckoned with.

Their journey through the rest of WandaVision is one that will have fans paying close attention, especially as the final unknown battle draws closer for them and their parents. This trek will continue when Episode 7 premieres on Friday, February 19.

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