WandaVision: New Concept Art Reveals Incredibles-Inspired Scene With Scarlet Witch, Vision & Twins

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It is hard to believe that WandaVision's final episode was released more than five months ago.

The pioneer project of Phase 4 in the MCU took the world by storm throughout the first eight episodes before the finale was met by a polarizing reaction from fans. Despite how people feel about how WandaVision ended, it is hard to deny that it was full of some incredible moments for both the title characters and their children. 

These moments included a Vision on Vision battle, a showcase of powers from Billy and Tommy, and Wanda re-discovering her true identity of the Scarlet Witch. All of those moments gave those individual characters some highlight-reel material, but the mini-circle-up scene featuring the entire family was what felt the most like a payoff. 

The First Family of the Marvel Universe, aka the Fantastic Four, has yet to make its way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it may be too little too late as Wanda, Vision, and their children may have already become the first family of the MCU.

Now, a new piece of concept art from the show highlights that title with a shot inspired by one of the most beloved superhero families of all time. 


Marvel Studios concept artist and Director of Visual Development Andy Park tweeted a never-before-seen piece of concept art featuring the entire WandaVision family in a pose inspired by The Incredibles

"Yes I ABSOLUTELY was channeling Pixar's The Incredibles (one of my favs) when I was designing & painting this keyframe illustration for WANDAVISION during preproduction in 2019! This is their team hero family moment like in The Avengers (& The Incredibles)"

Wanda, Vision, Billy, Tommy, Marvel
Marvel Studios

The fearsome foursome in WandaVision already draws some fun parallels with the Parr family with some of their power sets.


The poses specifically paint them in the same light as The Incredibles, showing that after a season of friction, frustration, and confusion, they are working as a team for the first time. 

Wanda, WandaVision
Marvel Studios

Unlike the circle-up shot that made its way into the final cut of the show, Wanda has embraced her Scarlet Witch mantle in this concept artwork. This shows her confrontation with Agatha Harkness could have originally been planned to be before Wanda, Vision, and the kids take on S.W.O.R.D. 

Billy, WandaVision
Marvel Studios

Finally, there is an alternative look at Billy Maximoff showing his magical powers having a red color palette as opposed to the blue hue seen in WandaVision. This could imply that Billy and Wanda may have been more connected magically in early drafts of the show. 


Wanda and Vision are surely an unusual pair, but their relationship has arguably skyrocketed into the top tier of MCU couples after the success of WandaVision. While Tony and Pepper beat them to the punch as the first couple to have children in the MCU, Billy and Tommy's superpowers give Wanda and Vision the edge as the first superhero family to grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

This artwork nodding to The Incredibles is a fun and meta way to show that these four mean business, and they are prepared to work as a family to get done what needs to get done. However, this is not the Marvel family many expected to take on that role emulated the animated fan favorites from 2004. 

The Fantastic Four are sure to make their way into the MCU at the back end of Phase 4 or the front end of Phase 5. With members showing elastic abilities, super strength, invisibility powers, and blazing speed, their powers line up much more closely to that of The Incredibles, but the family dynamic of mother, father, and two children line up closer to WandaVision's family team. 

This all surely means nothing to the grand scheme of things, but these types of subtle nods and callbacks are always great to see for fans and creators alike. Despite the sure-to-be success of the Fantastic Four in the MCU, they will forever take second place as the first family of the MCU has already arrived. 

All episodes of WandaVision are streaming now on Disney+.

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