WandaVision: New Poster Shows Family Photos of Elizabeth Olsen & Paul Bettany's Characters

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If there are any fans out there that still aren't sold on WandaVision, then the marketing team for Marvel Studios' first Disney+ series can help with that

With the once-a-week nature of the show's episodes being released, seeing the promotional footage for each new installment only further heightens the excitement for the series. Every new release also gets fans talking about what each little piece of promo material could mean

Fans have been treated with all sorts of creative ways that Disney has utilized to promote WandaVision, including releasing weekly images on Instagram for fans to use as mobile wallpaper


The Instagram account for Marvel Studios' WandaVision posted a new graphic for the show on their Instagram Story that is reminiscent of the show's fifth episode, titled "On A Very Special Episode..." 

Ironically, as the picture is supposed to serve as a wallpaper for fans' mobile backgrounds, the image itself is of Wanda's 70s-esque wallpaper covered with family photos. 

Various WandaVision family photos
Marvel Studios



The newly released graphic depicts some of the most memorable moments from the fifth episode's intro sequence, including one of Vision's many festive holiday costumes as a Thanksgiving Turkey.

The bottom left image shows Wanda's twins — Billy and Tommy — celebrating their first five birthdays with a comical-yet-fitting celebratory cake. 

This collection of family photos depicting different life events seems to further reinforce the suburban nature of the lives that Paul Bettany's Vision and Wanda are trying so hard to fit into.

Something to notice is that the twins are shown in all but one image on this new graphic, and the only photo without them still oddly includes a small child — the haunting baby Vision.

It seems like the focus is once again on the children in WandaVision, as the whole town seems invested in their slogan "For The Children," without the town of Westview actually having any other children in sight. 

Tension is building as the twins quickly grow up, and WandaVision's sixth episode will surely give fans yet another clue as to just how important Billy and Tommy are to Westview. 

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