WandaVision: New Scene Depicts Elizabeth Olsen & Paul Bettany's Characters Forgetting Special Day

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Wanda and Vision

Warning - This article contains minor spoilers for WandaVision.

The week of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's return is finally here, and it's bringing the hype to an absolute frenzy for a mega-franchise that hasn't released new content since the last decade! Yes, it's only been 18 months in reality, but after the year the world experienced in 2020, it feels like a decade has passed.

Marvel Studios is only four days away from their official expansion onto Disney+ with the premiere of the MCU's first official TV series, WandaVision. The promotional tour for this series has been all over the internet and TV over the past few weeks, and with the debut so close, the show's team is throwing every ounce of effort into making sure this show explodes onto the scene.

As is usually the case with major releases such as this, the last couple of weeks before release are coming with new TV spots showing just a split second or two of new footage. On most occasions, this comes with a full clip that shows anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute of straight footage from the project.

WandaVision fans are in for a special treat thanks to the most recent social media blast as a second full clip makes its way into the light.


Update: The full clip has been officially released by Marvel Entertainment:

A second full clip from WandaVision featuring stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany has made its way online thanks to Twitter user @feiticeiraescbr.

The full 45-second clip can be seen here:



It's unclear whether this clip is from the first or second episode of WandaVision since both will premiere this week, but it brings plenty of excitement nonetheless.

We see the superhero couple in their kitchen fully embracing what appears to be the 1950's with Vision in a full suit but in his natural form. The couple sees an unexpected heart over the date August 23, and it appears that neither of them can figure out the meaning of this date. They also pull the classic married pair move of not wanting to admit that neither of them know what it means, especially with Vision's laughter-inducing line "what was the question again?"

Wanda and Vision are clearly loving their life in suburbia regardless of what this date turns out to be, and the series shows how different it will be by combining superheroes with the history of American sitcoms. With no idea what the actual story of WandaVision will be, this clip gives an image of the couple living a very simple life for the time being, but that will certainly change in a big way as the series progresses.

WandaVision will premiere its first two episodes on Friday, January 15, 2021.

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