WandaVision: Marvel Reveals Official Valentine's Day Cards For MCU Couple

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Though having recently dabbled into some crazy MCU stories and theories , WandaVision started off as a continuation of the love between Wanda Maximoff and Vision.

The two have had a bit of a rocky history throughout the monumental franchise. From finding themselves on opposite sides of the fray in 2016's Captain America: Civil War to Wanda killing Vision to (unsuccessfully) save the universe in 2018's Avengers: Infinity War , the pair have undergone some serious tests to their relationship.

And, no matter if Wanda truly is the one manipulating thousands in the town of Westview or if there's some other greater force at play , the inaugural MCU Disney+ series laid its groundwork on the Scarlet Witch's love for her synthezoid husband.

Now, Marvel Studios has released a string of new promotional images for WandaVision reminding audiences of one of the show's greatest strengths...


On Valentine's Day 2021, Marvel Studios , via Twitter , released six uniquely-themed Valentine's Day cards that viewers and followers alike can share with their loved ones.

The first card plays off of the show's premiere '50s-themed episode, though this time showcasing Wanda and Vision's looks in color rather than black and white:

WandaVision Valentine's Day Card
Marvel Studios

The second card switches over to WandaVision' s '60s theme, using a clever riff off of Vision's Mind Stone:

WandaVision Valentine's Day Card
Marvel Studios

The third card gives Wanda and Vision psychedelic hairdos as their silhouettes gaze lovingly into each other's eyes:

WandaVision Valentine's Day Card
Marvel Studios

Continuing chronologically, the fourth card presents Wanda and Vision in their '80s attire, telling the reader it "Wanda be your valentine:"

WandaVision Valentine's Day Card
Marvel Studios

Next, a vibrant burst of color is on display for the '00s-themed card, giving viewers another look at Wanda and Vision in their comic-accurate Halloween costumes:

WandaVision Valentine's Day Card
Marvel Studios

Last, but certainly not least, beloved FBI Agent Jimmy Woo tells readers that the Valentine's Day card he made magically appear "is for you:"

WandaVision Valentine's Day Card
Marvel Studios


It's always a pleasure to see Marvel Studios spreading some fun, promotional content around.

Apart from the weekly posters being unveiled for each week's episode of WandaVision , these Valentine's Day cards put the spotlight on Wanda and Vision (and Jimmy Woo) and the love they ultimately share.

It's been said a few times throughout WandaVision' s duration thus far that those under (seemingly) Wanda's control have felt immense grief, and that's no surprise considering all that Wanda's lost throughout her time in the MCU.

Not only did her parents and brother perish, but the man she found comfort in passed away as well. With all the bigger, universe-changing events that have happened throughout the Infinity Saga, it's sometimes easy to forget that some of our heroes have found (and lost) love along the way.

Nonetheless, with the direction the Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany-led show is taking, it's looking as if Wanda and Vision's love is about to face the ultimate test: each other .

WandaVision is streaming now on Disney+.

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