WandaVision Theory Connects Magneto's X-Men Plan To MCU Show

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is no stranger to theories and the latest topic of intense discussion is WandaVision . The show continues to drop Easter eggs every week that have led plenty of fans down a rabbit hole of predictions.

Between speculating on Agnes’ real intentions and pondering the meaning of each weekly in-show commercial , WandaVision has plenty of mysteries left to solve. Whether any of these Easter eggs pan out to have a larger impact on the story is another question, but this is the MCU and everything is there for a reason.


The sixth episode of WandaVision showed Vision exploring the outer region of the Hex. In one shot, he can be seen passing a street sign for "Ellis Avenue."

 Vision Stop Sign WandaVision

Earlier in Episode 6, Billy and Tommy Maximoff make it clear that they've been told "[not to] go past Ellis Avenue." As Vision finds out, Ellis Avenue is the borderline for one side of Wanda's hex, meaning that Billy and Tommy would have trouble even making it much beyond the street.

A running fan theory is that this Ellis Avenue is a direct shout-out to the Ellis Island incident in Fox’s first X-Men movie from 2000. In the movie, Magneto devises a plan to turn all the world leaders into mutants during their meeting on Ellis Island, aka the home of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Statue of Liberty X-Men

In essence, just as Ellis Island acts as the physical boundary for Magneto's plan to control/change people on the island, Ellis Avenue acts as the physical boundary for Wanda's control of the citizens of Westview.

Interestingly, Ellis Island was also where the film premiere for X-Men was held in 2000.


Ellis Island played a huge part in the first X-Men movie, so it seems too convenient to simply be a coincidence here.

Magneto’s plan in X-Men involved the use of a mutant making-machine to transform everyone in the vicinity of Ellis Island into mutants. While the exact reason and nature of Wanda’s bubble are still unknown, the inclusion of Ellis Avenue could be foreshadowing a similar plan within the Hex.

It’s already been shown, via Monica Rambeau’s blood work , that Wanda’s barrier is giving off enough power to potentially infuse and change others with its energy. So, it could be that the seeds are being planted here in WandaVision for Wanda's Hex to cause the arrival of mutants in the MCU

It’s also entirely possible this inclusion of Ellis Avenue is just a nice little Easter egg for fans of X-Men . However, this isn’t the first reference to the X-Men that has been seen in WandaVision .

In Episode 5 the scene of Wanda turning the soldier’s guns against director Hayward seemed to be a direct callback to Magneto doing a similar thing in X-Men . There’s also the appearance of Evan Peters as Pietro , who previously played the Fox version of the same character in the prequel X-Men movies. This is one of the biggest direct references Marvel Studios has made to its newly acquired X-Men properties.

Producer Kevin Feige has made it clear there are plans for a new X-Men movie from Marvel Studios, and it's possible the groundwork for this is being laid right now in WandaVision .

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