WandaVision Tracks Behind The Mandalorian While Audience Demand Grows

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Between rave reviews and daily social media buzz, WandaVision has certified itself as an asset for Disney+.

The young streaming service has existed for just over a year, and while they still have many developing shows still in production , the few that have aired have quickly made the House of Mouse's premium platform an asset.


Just five episodes in, WandaVision has already emerged as a must-watch for national audiences.

According to Parrot Analytics, Elizabeth Olsen's sinister sitcom was the third most in-demand show in the United States last week. Those analytics put the series at 60 times more desired than the average television program, not too far behind Disney+'s The Mandalorian. The Pedro Pascal-led Star Wars series sits at 63.1 times more in-demand than average TV shows.


As the first of many Marvel Studios Disney+ originals , WandaVision 's strong numbers indicate a successful year for the MCU.

WandaVision started out as a tough sell. When the first two episodes dropped on January 15, social media was divided into two camps: those that loved the mystery and were willing to wait for the bigger narrative to unfold, and those that doubted the release style and desired a binge-watch.

While some ditched the show after Week 1, Parrot Analytics's numbers suggest recent episodes have roped them right back in. Further data on their site puts Scarlet Witch and Vision's series at a 27.6% demand increase over the past 30 days. This indicates that while the show may have started “slow” (by those mammoth Marvel standards), interest is exponentially growing as the season unfolds.

These numbers should come as no surprise, as recent reveals have the internet itching for the next episode . However, Disney executives should be especially pleased with how WandaVision is performing compared to their other hit program. With two complete seasons under its Beskar belt, The Mandalorian offers viewers 16 complete chapters to binge at any moment. The fact that WandaVision is barely behind Mando just halfway through their season points to the first Marvel streaming series being popular for months to come.

If WandaVision tracks similar to The Mandalorian , Disney executives can expect it to remain in high-demand long after its season is complete.

WandaVision 's next episode is set to drop this Friday, February 12.

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