Marvel's Hawkeye Actress Praises Hailee Steinfeld's Performance and Disney+ Show

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Marvel is set to use Disney+ to explore many new and recent additions to the MCU throughout Phase 4. However, Hawkeye stands out among the crowd as the only series centered around a member of the original Avengers line-up. 

As much of Phase 1's stars leave their MCU tenures behind, Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye appears to be preparing to pass his own mantle down as Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop makes her debut as Marvel's newest heroic archer.

Hawkeye is expected to debut later this year on Disney+, meaning it may not be too long before fans get their first look at the MCU's archers in action.

With little still known regarding the plot, it seems the cast is just as excited as fans for the series to debut as one of the show's stars has praised the project and its leading lady. 


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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Online, Hawkeye actress Vera Farmiga praised the upcoming Disney+ series and Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop who will lead the solo outing alongside Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton.

Farmiga, who plays Bishop's villainous mother, told that “Hailee kills it in the role” and that the series is “going to be pretty special” in her opinion:  

“Hailee kills it in the role. Kate Bishop's coming up, and I play her mama and I had a blast. It's going to be pretty special, I think.”


With Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton set to pass the Hawkeye mantle down to Kate Bishop during his Disney+ outing, it seems Marvel is setting up a significant future of Steinfeld's character. Bishop is the latest of many Young Avengers members who will be making their cinematic debuts in Phase 4, and the archer is an extremely likely candidate to lead the team when they eventually assemble on screen

While specific plot details on the archer-centric project remain elusive, it seems Marvel will be using them to set up a multitude of other projects. Alaqua Cox will play deaf superhero Echo in the series before spinning off into her own project down the line. Meanwhile, Florence Pugh will reprise her Black Widow role as Yelena Belova, marking the first present-day appearance of the MCU's newest Russian spy. 

Now that Hawkeye has concluded filming, it seems the series is on track to hit Disney+ by the end of the year as planned. With LokiMs. Marvel, and What If...? all set to release before it, it's unlikely the heroic archers will hit the service any time before November or December.

Given Loki and most of Marvel's other Disney+ series dropped first trailers back in December, it seems likely that a trailer for Hawkeye could appear at some point over the summer. While leaks and set photos have already revealed Kate Bishop's MCU look, Marvel has yet to showcase anything official of Steinfeld in her comic-accurate suit. 

Hawkeye is set to debut on Disney+ by the end of 2021.

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